The dinosaur at The Masked Singer: Fans sure – it is HE!


 The  Dinosaur” on “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Fans sure – it is HE!

The dinosaur on “The Masked Singer” stage.

 The  dinosaur on “©

 The  Masked Singer” stage.
Photo: ProSieben / Willi Weber

What has never been done on “© The  Masked Singer”? Right, that dinosaur. But somehow the “©

 The  dinosaur” sweet. With “©

 The  Masked Singer“In 2021 he will be known for his big performances.


 The  ProSieben viewers can expect some surprises. But which celebrity could prove to be “©

 The  dinosaur” output?

© The  dinosaur” in “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Only HE can be


 The  nine kilo light “dinosaur“Should soon make a name for itself with”©

 The  Masked Singer” do. ProSieben promises that the green dinosaur will deliver “the craziest performances”.

Thanks to its light foam costume, “©

 The  Dinosaur” can move much more freely than many other candidates.



 The  tips of the fans:

  • Luke Mockridge
  • Otto Waalkes
  • Markus Söder
  • Dr. Alban
  • Max Giesinger
  • Young


Nevertheless, the dinosaur has demanded a lot from the makeup artists. ©

 The y are said to have sat over the costume of the party dinosaur for 400 hours. A total of six prototypes had to be made before you had the perfect “dinosaur” mask.




 The  special thing about the “dinosaur” is, by the way, its 0.7 meter large, rotating wind-up key. It should provide real surprises, especially during his vocal interludes.



 The  clues:

  • Toy store
  • Big teeth, loud prehistoric roar
  • Only true representative of my kind
  • Power on, power off


But which celebrity could hide under the scaly mask? Comedian Luke Mockridge is at the top of the fan list. Almost 40 percent type in the ProSieben app on Luke. And Rea Garvey also guessed the comedian from Bonn at the press conference. Incidentally, Otto Waalkes follows in second place. ©

 The  “dinosaur” must therefore be a true entertainer.

Whoever will be under the mask. ©

 The  “©

 The  Masked Singer” makers have already fulfilled one wish. This one.

You will find out more about the masks in the next episode at the latest!

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