The drug baron in Vienna had half a million coke in his body – Lower Austria


At Vienna-Schwechat Airport, the police went into a so-called body packer. He had a record-breaking amount of hard drugs in his body.

On September 19, 2020, the 45-year-old was picked up by detectives from the Schwechat City Police Command and the customs authorities at Vienna-Schwechat Airport.  The  Nigerian was stopped after his arrival from Brussels and subjected to a routine check – but in conversation with the officials he got caught up in contradictions.

“During the questioning, the detainee was unable to provide any plausible and comprehensible information about the reason for his trip to Austria, and there were other indications that he might be smuggling narcotic drugs into his body,” the Interior Ministry describes the situation.

“Very quickly”

© The  man was therefore – with his consent – taken to the Donaustadt Clinic and subjected to a CT examination there. This was clearly positive! Numerous foreign bodies were identified in the 45-year-old’s abdomen. He was subsequently arrested and taken to the Vienna Josefstadt prison.

In the following 3 days – according to the BMI “very quickly” – the drug smuggler eliminated 214 containers of cocaine and heroin, each weighing around 10 grams. He had transported a total of 1,905 grams of cocaine and around 200 grams of heroin in his body.

The suspect was x-rayed in the Donaustadt Clinic (SMZ Ost): he had 214 drug capsules in him
© The  suspect was x-rayed in the Donaustadt Clinic (SMZ Ost): he had 214 drug capsules in himBMI

prison sentence

© The  addictive substances were of extremely good and therefore high-percentage quality. © The  investigators estimate the street sales value at almost half a million euros. And: It wasn’t the first drug trip to Austria.

Another 29 smuggling flights could be proven to the accused. He was apparently acting on behalf of and within the framework of a criminal organization. © The  45-year-old himself vehemently denied the allegations to the end – unsuccessfully. © The  Korneuburg Regional Court has now sentenced him to a four-year prison term.

Record breaking

© The  amount of smuggled drugs is “extremely record-breaking”, say the police. Swallowing such a large number of body bags should only be possible after numerous repetitions and training. On average, the so-called body packers transport only 0.5 to a maximum of 1 kilo of addictive substances in their bodies.

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