The Geissens: Shania and Davina lead embarrassing luxury Zoff


Monaco –

 The re are people who have to skimp on the corona pandemic and save where they can. And there are the “Geissens”. In the luxury family, the episode “Die Geissens” (RTL 2) on Monday (February 22nd) leads to a catfight between the sisters Davina (17) and Shania (16).

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     The  Geissens”: New luxury villa causes cat war with Davina and Shania

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     The  reason: ©

     The y imagined their rooms to be different

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     The  architect tries to arbitrate, but without success

Problem: ©

 The  new villa in Monaco does not quite meet your expectations. ©

 The  air is thick – and for a really stupid reason.


 The  Geissens” treat themselves to another property in Monaco

In this luxury dispute, many families will probably clap their hands over their heads: Do you really have to get into a fight because of this stupid reason?

In their adopted home Monaco, the “Geissens” have treated themselves to another property in addition to their luxury villa: ©

 The  huge property is enthroned high up on a slope and offers a breathtaking view of the Principality. ©

 The  apartment is more than huge, there is even a pool.

But despite the luxury, it apparently offers enough reason to argue about the allegedly still missing amenities. That shows how spoiled the sisters Davina and Shania are.


 The  Geissens”: Plans for luxury apparetment in Monaco cause controversy

Because when they see the plans for their new rooms from the architect, the two freaked out. Davina wants a dressing table, not a desk. Shania wants a bathtub, not a shower. Reason enough to give yourself a few nasty sentences.


At the construction site in Monaco there is disagreement about who gets the better room. Reason enough for Shania (left) and Davina (2nd from right) to fall into a feud during the discussion with Carmen and the architect Kurt.

“I swear to you, she doesn’t even know how to put on make-up!” Shania throws at her sister when she demands her make-up table. When the architect Kurt showed the older Davina her room with a shower and a bathtub, the youngest Geiss freaked out: “She’ll get a bathtub AND a shower? Can I get a bathtub too? “Short answer from Carmen:” Nope. “


 The  Geissens”: Embarrassing luxury Zoff between Shania and Davina Geiss

But Davina will move out soon anyway, Shania counters. “©

 The n why do you need the better room?” Her older sister replies: “Because I come here on the weekend, or maybe during the week ?!” Carmen softens up and offers the youngest another room. She replies cheekily: “No, I don’t want that. I want that up there because I have a bigger dressing, ”she replies, referring to a dressing room just for herself.

Apparently the two just don’t have enough luxury in their life yet. Because one thing is certain: Shania’s room will also be large. Very large – including an XXL wardrobe. Carmen also tries to make this clear to her youngest. “Mom, I don’t want my shower here.” Carmen: “Why don’t you want to have a shower?” Shania’s answer: “Because my shower comes here!”


 The  Geissens”: Shania bursts at the end of the collar – “Have the whole house to yourself!”

Shania points to a small room that will be Carmen’s laundry room – but Carmen shakes her head. Shania completely bursts her collar: “Why do you need so much space? You have a whole house to yourself! ”

A bitch war sparked between the sisters “Davina is already the bigger bitch. Although she won’t even live here. So she doesn’t need that ”, Shania bucks. But Carmen tries hard to stay. “We’ll stay with that. We designed it that way and it will stay that way. Enough!”

Pampered, spoiled – “©

 The  Geissens”. Carmen commented on this in an Instagram post before the program was broadcast: “Speaking of war, there is also war between my two girls. When it comes to who gets which room, sisterly love has a break. “(Mg)

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Geissens Shania Davina lead embarrassing luxury Zoff


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