The LIGAsthenic – The self-dismantling of Schalke 04: Derby bankruptcy, sell-out and mismanagement

The LIGAsthenic - The self-dismantling of Schalke 04: Derby bankruptcy, sell-out and mismanagement

Dear football friends, Bavaria’s CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is generally regarded as a man without great empathy. When you have him as your opponent, it gets cold, that’s what those who had him as your opponent have told you over and over again.  The  image of the “killer Kalle” was in the world.

Whether this is really true or whether it is just the legend of the unequal duo pole of Bayern – here the choleric Hoeneß, there the cold Kalle – is an open question. So if exactly this man now publicly discovers his emotions, says that he has “a little pity” for the Schalke fans, then the height from which the cult club FC Schalke 04 is falling from its own chronicle becomes clear.


Derby dismantling: Even the BVB stars suffer with Schalke



 The  0: 4 (0: 2) in the foreseeable last Revier derby against Dortmund at the weekend was only the last step of the own decline. This club, which has been showing its supporters to be a workers’ club since the beginning, is so rotten at its core that no one should believe that after the inevitable relegation one year after the inevitable relegation one will come up again.

Schalke is currently imploding, Corona has accelerated it, but that’s a good thing, because that’s the only way to change something in the broken club structures. It is quite possible that it will tear the club apart, who can say that today.

Schalke before the sale


 The  portal “” has calculated that in the event of a relegation, the club’s sell-off and corpses are inevitable. 17 players worth 96 million euros are about to leave, that is 80 percent of the squad value that Schalke has at all. ©

 The  credit side is therefore largely a problem.

With debts of up to 250 million euros, you do not need to have completed an undergraduate degree in business administration to realize that a new business foundation has to be found in the summer that can make professional football possible in Gelsenkirchen. If you think that through to the end, then it becomes particularly tasteless.

Last summer, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia confirmed that it had granted Schalke a state guarantee, which is actually only done for companies that are creditworthy, have an intact business model and want to support them in times of crisis. Crisis means no fault, not mismanagement.


 The  professionals of FC Schalke 04

Fotocredit: Getty Images

Schalke has lost its business model

Schalke has not had an intact business model for a long time. With the relegation to the second division, the contract with the main sponsor Gazprom, the Russian state-owned company, which has stuffed 20 million euros into the Schalke slurry pit, ends. It is still unclear whether the energy company will draw up a new contract.

And so the question must also be asked whether Schalke should now be bailed out with taxpayers money so that this football club can still exist as a professional unit in the future.

A lot is being saved right now, Lufthansa, TUI or the car industry, but why the Schalke 04 football club, which is neither systemically relevant nor seriously managed, has squandered millions and, with its proximity to Putin, undermines any taste limits – why Schalke?

Schalke fans try everything

Not the supporters, which is often insinuated, but the board of directors and supervisory board of 04 have a gigantic behavior problem. So if Schalke supporters of various ultra associations want to storm the team hotel and the stadium before and after the derby against Dortmund to confront the team and those responsible about their jointly committed total failure at the oh-so-loved club, then that is not in truth Trespassing or hooliganism, but the final attempt with the means of civil disobedience to develop a dynamic that could make some miracle possible.

It becomes grotesque if what the agencies write is true that sports director Jochen Schneider should have reassured the fans by saying that he should have apologized for all sorts of his decisions. It couldn’t be more small-minded. He could have resigned beforehand and assumed responsibility, which he absolutely did not want.

If there is still life in this club, then it is these great fans who will soon be sorely lacking in the Bundesliga. I’m really sorry for them, but the club is getting what it deserves: the brutal end of a creeping self-dismantling.

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LIGAsthenic selfdismantling Schalke Derby bankruptcy sellout mismanagement


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