The Masked Singer Chick: Does SHE lead the audience astray?


 The  Chick” on “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Does SHE lead the audience astray?

“The chick” in “The Masked Singer” is said to be a female person.

 The  chick” in “©

 The  Masked Singer” is said to be a female person.
Photo: ProSieben / Willi Weber

© The  chick“. No question, “©

 The  chick“Could become the darling of the”©

 The  Masked Singer“-Viewers molt.


 The  Masked Singer“Juror Ruth Moschner already wrote on Instagram:” I want to scratch the tummy. “But which star is under the tummy and mask?

“Das Küken” on “© The  Masked Singer”: Viewers with crazy ideas

And ProSieben is also enthusiastic about the costume. “Oh you big egg! ©

 The  chick shines at “©

 The  Masked Singer“With many sparkling rhinestones in the fur and its enormous volume. You have to cover a whole 3.8 meters to go around it. ©

 The  playful bird not only looks young and cheeky. He also has a lot of nonsense in his head, ”said the broadcaster.

But who is hiding under the mask. © The  fans in the ProSieben app have a suspicion that is so crazy that it could almost be true. So in fourth place of the audience suggestions is who could be under the mask of “©

 The  Chick”, but seriously Chancellor Angela Merkel.



 The  chick: ©

 The  fans are betting on these celebrities

  • Ilka Bessin
  • Evelyn Burdecki
  • Hella out of her mind
  • Angela Merkel
  • Maren Kroymann
  • Cheyenne Ochsenknecht
  • Anke Engelke


Whether there is time for “©

 The  Masked Singer” participation? Rather questionable. ©

 The  other tips are more realistic. 29.3 percent of the voters believe that comedian Ilka Bessin is the chick. 18 percent believe Evelyn Burdecki and almost nine percent believe Hella von Sinnen.



 The  dinosaur in “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Who is under the mask?


 The  monstronaut on “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Which celebrity is it?


 The  Quokka on “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Fans have a direct suspicion


 The  flamingo in “©

 The  Masked Singer”: fans recognize YOU directly


 The  bull in “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Is ProSieben revealing too much here?


 The  turtle in “©

 The  Masked Singer”: ER would be a sensation


 The  unicorn in “©

 The  Masked Singer”: Who is under the mask?


 The  leopard at ©

 The  Masked Singer: viewers recognize YOU


 The  Pig ©

 The  Masked Singer: Fans recognize YOU – Pro7 reacts


So far, the reactions to the costumes have been very positive. Only one thing failed the fans.



 The  clues:

  • “I just sit in the nest I made and enjoy company”
  • Notepads


A former rate celebrity from the “©

 The  Masked Singer” universe, on the other hand, has a different favorite than the sweet chick. You can read here who is particularly fond of “Die Schildkröte”.

More clues will certainly follow in the new “©

 The  Masked Singer” episode.

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Masked Singer Chick lead audience astray


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