The Masked Singer (ProSieben): Quokka evidence is clear – is this celebrity in costume?


 The  Masked Singer” on ProSieben: ©

 The  fans already have a clear tip about who might be behind the Quokka from season 4! An overview of all indications and hints:

  • © The  Masked Singer”: Even before the start of season 4, fans are sure who is behind the Quokka
  • Did ProSieben reveal too much about the mask with the initial information?
  • Seldom has a vote been as clear as with the quokka – an overview of all clues, hints and celebrity tips:

Update from February 18th: ©

 The  jury was in the first episode to “©

 The  Masked Singer “sure in that Quokka costume is DJ Ötzi and Hans Siegl. When listening carefully to the clues, it can really only be clear which of the two is in the costume. An analysis of the quokka:

  • ©

     The  quokka does it night on his turntables for the day. “- Allusion to his album”Great moments” and the SongA star

  • ©

     The  letters T, M and S hang on the necklace of the Quokka (Abbreviation for “©

     The  Masked Singer” – or something else?) – DJ Ötzi has as Trademark a Cap on. “T” could also stand for Tyrol and “S” for St. Johann. This is the birthplace of DJ Ötze. “M” would then be a reference to musicians.

  • ©

     The  Quokka is size 76.5. – DJ Ötzis Mega-Hit „Anton aus Tirol “is 75 weeks in the Austrian charts

  • “DJ Security in da house: Nobody is like that cool like the quokka. ”- What is it called in DJ Ötzi’s world hit “Anton aus Tirol” … “I am so beautiful, I am so great …” ©

     The  Quoakko and the singer do not lack self-confidence. ©

     The  50-year-old also works in the dance floor area. By the way, his father was also a DJ.

Also exciting are the celebrity tips from a Facebook guessing group, which, according to their own statements, had a 100 percent hit rate with the stars behind the masks in the past season of “©

 The  Masked Singer”. This group has now published a full list of the hottest celebrity tips from “©

 The  Masked Singer”.


 The  Masked Singer (ProSieben): Quokka already exposed? Fans are convinced – “this is …”

Update from February 17th: “Insomnia” (Faithless) has it Quokka easily in the 2nd episode of ©

 The  Masked Singer“ made. But what are the celebrity tips from fans and the advice team – and which ones are new Clues and clues about the celebrity behind the Quokka were revealed in the 1st episode of the ProSieben show? After the appearance of the Quokka tipped the advice team around Ruth Moschner, Rea Garvey and councilor Carolin Kebekus Hans Siegl or DJ Ötzi. Viewers in the ProSieben app now only vote for 15 percent Comedian Faisal Kawusi. On the other hand, another name is now astonishingly ahead in the voting: over 40 percent suspect Thomas Gottschalk behind the quokka!


 The  Masked Singer (ProSieben): ©

 The  Quokka – all clues and clues

Who is behind that Quokka von „©

 The  Masked Singer“? ©

 The se are the clues and Cluesthat ProSieben has revealed so far:

  • ©

     The  Quokka turns night into day on its turntables.”

  • ©

     The  letters T, M and S hang on the quokka’s necklace (abbreviation for “©

     The  Masked Singer” – or something else?)

  • ©

     The  Quokka is size 76.5.

  • “DJ Security in da house: Nobody is as cool as the Quokka.”
  • In the first video that ProSieben showed about Quokka, several skyscrapers, televisions, loudspeakers and a lava lamp can be seen in the background.
  • Is in the spotlight and has to take a lot of selfies
  • Is nocturnal and his own boss
  • Toasted bread and gummy bears as a hint


 The  Masked Singer (ProSieben): Quokka already exposed? Seldom have fans been so sure

First report from February 16: ©

 The  Quokka is not only by far the fluffiest, but also one of the most popular costumes of 4th season of “©

 The  Masked Singer”. This is not only due to his cute appearance, but certainly also to the neat “bling bling” that the costume makers at ProSieben dem Quokka missed! ©

 The  Australian marsupial wears an outfit completely in gold – including a radiant one Leather shoes in shoe size 76.5. ©

 The  quokka also has diamonds on its teeth and according to information it comes from ProSieben apparently after the profession of the DJ. For the fans it is already clear which celebrity is behind the costume – without the one first appearance in episode 1 (February 16, 8:15 p.m.) to have seen it at all!

TV-Show ©

 The  Masked Singer

Sender ProSieben
First broadcast 27. June 2019
Current season 4
Titellied Who are You (Pete Townshend)


 The  Masked Singer (ProSieben): ©

 The  Quokka – fans sure, it’s Faisal Kawusi


 The  fans of ©

 The  Masked Singer“ as sure as when Quokka from the 4th season. ProSieben usually reveals a few details about the respective masks that are in the Live-Shows will be seen on stage. To the Quokka it says in a nutshell: “As a DJ security, Quokka turns night into day on its turntables and celebrates on ‘©

 The  Masked Singer’ stage. ©

 The  golden rodent from Australia with the hand-cast Poser chain leaves large footprints in his custom-made gold leather shoes in size 76.5 “.

Is comedian Faisal Kawusi behind the quokka from “©

 The  Masked Singer”?

© ProSieben / Willi Weber / dpa / Henning Kaiser / Montage

Both on Instagram and in the ProSieben app, in which the identity of the celebrities behind the masks can be voted on, are themselves Fans at Quokka agree: Behind it can only Faisal Kawusi stuck. That’s what the fans mean about the, for example Movements of the Quokkas can be seen in the first video that ProSieben recently presented. Vote in the ProSieben app 47 percent more fans for the comedian than Quokkahow seldom a celebrity has received in a poll. This is followed by Chris Tall with just 12.7 percent.


 The  Masked Singer (ProSieben): ©

 The  Quokka – is Faisal Kawusi really behind it?

Whether behind the Quokka actually comedian Faisal Kawusi hidden, the fans will find out at the earliest on Tuesday evening when the first live show of “©

 The  Masked Singer” finally starts at 8:15 pm on ProSieben. Meanwhile, before the start of “©

 The  Masked Singer”, more fan theories are circulating as to which celebrity might be behind the masks. For example, if the fan tip about the leopard were correct, it would be an absolute sensation! And fans are already pretty sure about the celebrity behind the monstronaut’s mask.


 The  1st episode of ©

 The  Masked Singer“ runs on February 16, 2021 at 8:15 pm on ProSieben. ©

 The  Season 4 finale will take place on March 23, 2021. ©

 The  new season can be watched on free TV as well as in the stream on Joyn. Anyone watching a live show by ©

 The  Masked Singer“ has missed, all highlights can also be viewed after they have been broadcast on (kab)

List of rubric lists: © ProSieben / Willi Weber

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