The new season Crimson Heist


During the Rainbow Six Siege Celebration, the developers not only presented all the important facts about the coming season, but also gave a preview of major updates that will fundamentally change the game in Year Six.

  • Flores as a new operator

  • Border gets a rework

  • Gonne-6 as a new secondary weapon

  • Match Replay Beta

  • Kali Elite Skin

Flores bursts into focus

Before joining Team Rainbow, Flores hit Argentina unsafe.

 The re he led the life of a small crook who, like Robin Hood, stole the rich villains to distribute the property among the poor. Flores is an attacker and shines both in the support role and as a loner.

His gadget is the RCE-Ratero drone, whose explosive power should pave the way for attackers to the objective. He has four of these remote-controlled explosive charges that can breach softwalls and destroy any defensive equipment. With this he counters the utilities of Bandit, Jäger, Kapkan, Alibi, Kaid, Goyo, Frost, Ela, Castle, Maestro, Lesion or Valkyrie and also standard devices such as barbed wire, bulletproof cameras or mobile shields.

I am pretty sure that we will soon see many creative and new ways in which Flores’ gadget is used and I am more than just looking forward to being surprised by it.

Imposing and explosive: Flores' RCE-Ratero

Imposing and explosive: Flores’ RCE-Ratero

© Ubisoft

Counterattack against Flores

As long as the RCE-Ratero is moving, it can be destroyed by simple bombardment. ©

 The  following operators actively counter Flores:

Flores‘ Loadout


 The  attacker is flexible in the team and can also protect himself during the drone deployment:

  • AR33

  • SR-25 (without shield)

  • GSH-18

  • Stun grenade

  • Claymore

C0rnyyy’s tips for Flores

We told C0rnyyy what he thought of the new attacker. This is what the YouTuber and esporter has to say about the explosive Flores:

“I would say that Flores is particularly well suited for two cases. First, of course, the destruction of gadgets. Whether a shield, a banshee or an evil eye, you can get all that away with the drone.

Otherwise, it will be really handy for getting defenders out of power positions. If the defender crouches on the clubhouse catwalk, behind the half wall on Border, at Blackbox on Astro or Pixel on Cafe, I drive the drone there so that the defender has to move away. ©

 The  focus is not on killing him directly with the drone. This can best be done by another attacker who is just waiting for the defender to leave his position. “

Border Rework

Border is one of the oldest maps in Rainbow Six Siege that is still actively played and has survived many metas. Now the developers are not using a red pencil, but only screwing on the subtleties of the card. Access for attackers has been simplified somewhat, with Bathroom the defenders have another useful objective and, thanks to the new catwalk, there are more walking routes.

Future of Siege


 The  developers have announced major changes for Rainbow Six in the coming year. From now on, player behavior will be closely monitored in order to reduce destructive behavior, and a replay tool will allow players to analyze moves. ©

 The  20-second meta will be fought, attackers will soon be allowed to change operators during the drone phase and the ranked mode will also be revised. More details will follow in the coming months.

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season Crimson Heist


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