The No Angels snatch her “husband” away from Helene – music


Rehearsals for tours are in full swing. For all artists. A coach now dares an affair.

What does the pop queen think about it? Actually, Helene Fischer wants to get back on the big stage as soon as possible. However, it is still not clear when it will happen. Above all, the dimensions of the “breathless” singer seem a long way off. After all, Helene actually fills stadiums.

 The  show cancellations not only hurt the Schlagerqueen, but above all the people in the second and third row. Above all, the dancers behind Helene currently have practically nothing to do. So it is not particularly surprising that one of the entertainers now dares an affair.

“You are still full of energy”

Cale Kalay is the chief choreographer of Helene Fischer. He’s the one who really gets the singer in shape. If a step doesn’t sit well, Cale gets angry. That’s why every performance at Helene is so perfect.

Now the 34-year-old is looking elsewhere. And that with the No Angels! ©

 The  girl band is currently making a gigantic comeback. And nothing should be left to chance. Not even the choreographies. That’s why the girls get the best of the best: Cale!

Cale Kalay brings Helene into full swing.
Cale Kalay brings Helene into full

According to “Bild” the No Angels dance ten hours a day in the studio. A step is rehearsed for each word in the lyrics. ©

 The  dance professional is convinced: “People will be amazed when they see the band on stage again! ©

 The y are still full of energy.” It just remains to be seen when we can see the result.

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Angels snatch husband Helene music


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