The number of mutation cases has risen to 85



p id=”BaseTextFirstParagraph”> The  events and developments related to the coronavirus are sometimes overturning. ©

 The refore we are currently reporting in this live blog. Read the events of the week from February 15th to 21st here.

© The  most important things at a glance (as of February 22, midnight):

197 deaths (197) in the Borken district

A total of 8692 Infections (Previous day 8692)

Healthy: 8117 people (8047)

Currently infected: 378 persons (421)


 The  “7-day incidence”, i.e. the number of new infections reported per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days, is in the Borken district according to the calculation of the District Health Office current 63,8 per 100,000 inhabitants. ©

 The  Regional Health Center NRW reports on Monday the value of Sunday, the 7-day incidence of 64.1 for the Borken district.

Currently infected in the municipalities (as of February 22, 12 a.m.):

Ahaus: 17 infections (22)

Heek: 18 (20)

Explained: 2 (2)

Stadtlohn: 28 (30)

Südlohn: 15 (12)

Worth: 24 (26)

Important information about the numbers of the Borken district: ©

 The se always report the status of the infections at midnight on the respective day. It cannot be ruled out that the previous day’s figures will still be statistically recorded.

Monday February 22nd

12 o’clock. As reported by the Borken district, 378 people are currently (February 22, 2021, midnight) infected with the corona virus. So far, 85 cases of infection with the British virus mutant are known in the district. 25 of these people have now recovered and released from quarantine after testing. That means there are currently 60 known active cases.


 The  total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the Borken district is 8,692. ©

 The  fact that the total number has decreased by one case compared to the previous day is due to a correction in a place of residence that is outside the district area, according to the Borken district.

11 a.m .: Vaccinations were carried out in the Borken district over the weekend: the number of first vaccinations administered in the Velen vaccination center rose by 247 to 3,200 according to the district’s dashboard. Mobile vaccination teams completed 11,748 first vaccinations.

10.45 a.m .: ©

 The  district government of Münster reports increasing numbers of infections over the weekend: ©

 The  number of people currently infected in the Münster district has increased from Friday to Monday from 2,860 to 2,900 (as of 02/22/2021, 0 a.m.). ©

 The  number of infections with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Münster administrative district increased from Friday to Monday from 71,409 to 71,976.


 The  incidence values ​​are given as follows, the Borken district still has the highest value of the Münsterland districts:

City of Bottrop 73.2 (72.3)

District of Borken 64.1 (64.1)
District of Coesfeld 32.2 (35.8)
City of Gelsenkirchen 55.1 (55.5)
City of Münster 26.6 (23.2)
District of Recklinghausen 83.4 (79.6)
District of Steinfurt 47.7 (44.8)
District of Warendorf 51.8 (59.4)

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number mutation cases risen


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