The Pegasus Savona Evo 10 with ABS for only 2,999 euros


Pegasus is well known as a brand in Germany. © The  long-time manufacturer of practical everyday bikes relies on advanced technology for its Savona Evo 10 e-bike. ©

 The  modern e-bike with ABS is now available at tempting discount of 1,100 euros.

E-bike Pegasus Savona Evo 10 with ABS on offer


 The  Pegasus Savona Evo 10 has everything an everyday e-bike needs – and much more. Despite the currently low price of only 2,999 euros instead of the original 4,099 euros was not saved on the equipment.

With the drive of the Bosch Performance Line CX even mountain bikes are equipped for sporting use under extreme conditions. Through the 75 Newton meters of torque from the engine after all, you will also get the support you need on hills and mountains. In any case, this motor is already part of a city bike or trekking bike upscale equipment.

Depending on the level of support and driving style, the motor can take you on a single charge up to 140 kilometers support. ©

 The  battery with a capacity of 500 Wattstunden is installed almost invisibly in the down tube of the Savona Evo 10 and can even be removed for unloading.

Trapezoidal frame offer e-bike
An e-bike for all purposes: E-bike equipment at a discount is difficult to find in this price range.

ABS as an additional safety feature

You don’t see often E-Bikes mit ABS in the street. Especially not for the price you are currently paying for the Pegasus Savona 10 Evo at

Just like in a car, ABS ensures that your front wheel does not lock up when you brake hard. This is how you come safe to stand in an emergencywithout your front wheel slipping. At the same time you have with that hydraulic disc brake system from Magura a specialist in braking power and reaction at your side.

Who is the everyday e-bike with ABS intended for?

E-BIke on offer at
© The  elegant low-entry model is also part of the offer – and is really impressive.


 The  Pegasus Savona Evo 10 is the perfect companion for all drivers who want a flexibles E-Bike looking at the Security and Reliability comes first. ©

 The  e-bike is perfect both in the city and on tours and excursions beyond the asphalt. Work, excursion, everyday life: This is where the extensive range of use of the e-bike lies.

You don’t ride any mountain bike trails with the Savona, but you do Suntour suspension fork the ground doesn’t always have to be firm and level for you to ride comfortably. ©

 The  dirt road to the lake is no more a problem than the cobblestones in the city center. Through the 10-speed gears from Shimano paired with the powerful engine, even more strenuous passages become a refreshingly easy ride into the countryside.

Pegasus even lets you decide for yourself how comfortable you want it to be to get on and off your leisure e-bike. Three different frame shapes the manufacturer offers: the comfortable low-entry model without a top tube, the sleek model with a trapezoidal frame or the sporty trekking speedster with a classic diamond frame.

Pegasus Savona Evo 10: Buy an e-bike with a huge discount

If the Savona has piqued your interest, you can take a look at all the details on the website of

You can currently get the e-bike in all three frame shapes in different sizes unbeatable offer price of 2,999 euros.

Even the original price of 4,099 euros is appropriate for such a high-quality equipped e-bike. Through the 1,100 euros discount from Radwelt however, you are currently getting an extraordinarily good one Price-performance ratio.

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Pegasus Savona Evo ABS euros


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