The pill is becoming less popular as a contraceptive


When it comes to contraception, women in Switzerland are increasingly deciding against the pill and other hormonal contraceptives.  The  reasons for this are the larger supply and the reports of an increased risk of embolism when taking the estrogen-progestin pills.

While 52 percent of women used the pill in 1992, 25 years later it was 33 percent. © The  decline was particularly pronounced among women under 35, from 67 percent to 45 percent. In Switzerland, most of them are used for contraception (42 percent).

As the third most common method, women cite the hormonal IUD (12 percent) and men cite sterilization (15 percent). © The  use of condoms and the pill decrease with age and the IUD and sterilization are used only with increasing age.

Compared to other countries, women in Switzerland not only use proportionally more contraception, but also use condoms more often than women in France or Germany. © The re, however, the pill and the IUD are used more often.

This is shown by figures published on Monday by the Federal Statistical Office (BFS) from the current population survey.

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