The police are looking for a missing ten-year-old – still no trace


A boy from Essen has been missing from his family since Thursday.  The  police are looking for the child at full speed – He’s probably not even wearing a jacket.


 The  police in Essen are feverishly looking for a ten-year-old boy who is apparently without a jacket in freezing temperatures. ©

 The  child had left his sister’s apartment on Thursday evening wearing a sweater, sweatpants and winter shoes after an argument with family members, the police said. ©

 The  large-scale search was initially unsuccessful.

Dennis B. has been missing since Thursday.  (Source: Essen Police)Dennis B. has been missing since Thursday. (Source: Essen Police)

“We still do not know where he is,” said a police spokesman on Friday afternoon. ©

 The  approximately 1.50 meter tall boy with blonde hair was last seen on Thursday around 5.30 p.m. on Nienhausenstrasse in the Altenessen-Süd district. On Friday night, the police searched in vain for the child, among other things with a helicopter and main trailer dogs.

On Friday, the police officers kept an eye out for the boy who lives in Essen-Werden in all of the Essen police’s patrol cars – bus and taxi drivers were also informed. In addition, the police published a photo of the ten-year-old and asked the population for information.

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