The police employed a large number of day trippers


When the weather was beautiful, many people went outside on Sunday. However, the day trippers called the police on the scene: In many places, compliance with the corona rules was intensified.

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Sunshine and mild temperatures, after it had been icy cold only a few days earlier: the approach of spring in February lured people to the door on Sunday too. Sometimes it got really full – the Corona rules were not always adhered to.  The  police had announced increased controls in advance and were deployed across Germany.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a number of cars with day trippers were turned away during traffic controls. In the corona risk district of Vorpommern-Greifswald, the police gave more than a third of all vehicles to retreat on Sunday. As a police spokesman in Neubrandenburg explained, checks were carried out on the access roads to the island of Usedom and in the Pasewalk region on federal highway 109. ©

 The  district prohibits day tourists from entering the country without a valid reason because the weekly incidence in the region is 158 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

Day trippers had to turn back

Above all, vehicles from neighboring Brandenburg, whose passengers probably wanted to go to the Baltic Sea in the sun, were turned away. In the south of the district in particular, 238 vehicles from other federal states were checked, 140 of which had to turn back. Of the 212 controlled vehicles from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, 32 cars had to turn around, especially in Wolgast and at the Zecheriner Bridge near Anklam. On Saturday, the police checked 310 cars in the district and asked 53 vehicles to turn back, including those from the Uckermark.

In the Baltic Sea resort of Boltenhagen, things looked no different: the police said they saw a number of cars from neighboring federal states, so checkpoints were set up at the town entrances. On Saturday alone, 65 people were turned away from 28 vehicles and asked to return, the police in Rostock said.


 The  police stopped a line dance performance in the Baltic Sea resort of Kühlungsborn. About 50 active members of such a dance group had met and danced in the city center, as a police spokesman said. Due to the great rush in the course of the sunny weather, several hundred spectators stopped on the boulevard, so that a larger crowd formed. ©

 The  minimum distances were no longer observed – the “line dancers” had to stop their activities and the visitors were again distributed differently according to the specifications.

Bikers and tuners on the streets

In Berlin, the weather attracted numerous bikers to the streets. Hundreds of them gathered on the Spinner Bridge on the Avus. ©

 The  bridge over the motorway is a well-known meeting place for the scene. ©

 The  police spoke of 300 to 350 motorcyclists. Violations of the Infection Protection Ordinance were also found there in isolated cases, said a spokesman. However, the officials did not have to intervene on a large scale.

Different in Nuremberg: ©

 The re the police broke up a meeting of more than 100 members of the tuning scene. ©

 The  members had met with about 50 vehicles late on Saturday evening in the Nuremberg city area, as the police announced. After checking those present, the police are now investigating around 50 participants for violations of the Infection Protection Act.

In Donaustauf, the Walhalla memorial had to be closed due to the large crowd. Many people did not wear masks there on Saturday and did not keep a Corona distance, the police said. She also spoke of a “real traffic chaos”. Residents had complained about illegal parking.

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police employed large number day trippers


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