The Post-Covid-19 World: An Indian Perspective


In the corona crisis, we also have to rethink diplomacy. India can make an important contribution.

We start the year 2021 and hope to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind us. While each society has dealt with it in its own way, global diplomacy will focus on common concerns and lessons. Many of these will affect the environment and globalization.

Our generation has been trained to think this largely according to economic criteria.  The  sense is in trade, finance, services, communication, technology and mobility, which expresses the interdependence and permeation of our time. What Covid showed, however, was the underlying indivisibility of our existence. True globalization is more about pandemics, climate change and terrorism – these must be at the core of diplomatic considerations. 2020 has shown us that we have to pay a heavy price if we overlook such challenges.

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PostCovid19 World Indian Perspective


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