The real reason for their end in “Celebrities under the palm trees”


After Sat.1 had officially announced the 12 participants in the second season of “Celebrities under Palms”, the disappointment over the absence of Georgina Fleur, 30, was great. Now a production insider wants to have revealed the real reasons for the TV-off of the reality star …

Georgina Fleur will be replaced by Kate Merlan

Actually it is Cast of this year’s season of “Celebrities under palm trees” very promising: With Elena Miras, 28, Katy Bähm, 27, Calvin Kleinen, 28, and Co. it will definitely not be boring! But one Size of the German reality TV is missing: Georgina Fleur. And not because it was not asked!  The  former “Bachelor” candidate is supposed to already been part of the show his – but then everything turned out differently. Shortly before filming started, she was rumored to be replaced by Kate Merlan, 33. Nobody knew exactly why.

More about Georgina Fleur:

Insider reveals: “© The  risk was apparently too high”

Now signed up Production insider opposite the “image” to speak and explained:

Your constitution was as too weak classified to see a show like this. ©

 The  Risk of weakness attack was apparently too high.

Accordingly, the 30-year-old should already completed the 15-day quarantine in Thailand have, but ultimately it did not pass mandatory medical check before filming starts. What exactly the root cause it was not known.

Georgina was still last year in two German reality formats to see. Only at; only when “Battle of the Reality Stars” and then in “Summer house of the stars”. Why didn’t it work out this year? Not clear. ©

 The  scandal itself did not want to comment on the rumors: “I am not allowed to say anything about it. Production secret!“, so Georgina’s short statement.

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