The slope slid in Thusis


It must have happened sometime between midnight and 2 a.m.: In Thusis, the slope below the restaurant slid on Monday night «Bernina» and buried part of the outer Bahnhofstrasse. Mayor Curdin Capaul confirmed the event. A wooden crate that served as a storage room for the restaurant was swept away.  The  summoned crisis management team does not yet know why the slope suddenly slipped, said Capaul.

© The  first clean-up work is now underway. © The  slope must be secured as it is currently unclear how stable the terrain is. “© The re are signs of terrain shifting to the left and right of the slide.” A team of experts from the Graubünden building insurance will analyze the situation in detail.

© The  reason for the sudden slide is still unknown. A condition analysis of Thusner streets was carried out only six months ago and the walls there were also examined. Nothing was noticed at the time, says Capaul.

Surrounding houses did not have to be evacuated on Monday. “Fortunately, the restaurant was still closed.” © The  area is currently cordoned off on a large scale. According to Capaul, the community will be informed of the results of the investigation by the experts in the course of the afternoon. © The  further findings will be communicated on Tuesday. (Yes)

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slope slid Thusis


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