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You can buy smart light bulbs with an app or the robotic lawnmower with voice control on Amazon today, right? Not necessarily! Of the technology-Shop “tink” has shown for years that you have a chance against the shipping giants. Together with our partner, we researched how he does it and what advantages smart home prospects get on tink.

Do you already know tink?

If not, then it is high time you did it a decade ago Julian Hueck and Marius Lissautzki recognized the hype surrounding Smart Home. What was missing, however, was a portal that would “sexy” and for this niche topic Beginners how makes professionals equally accessible.

“Most people now recognize that the car has arrived in the digital future. But 90% of Germans got stuck with their apartment in the 1960s. This is also because “Smart Home” sounds complicated. “ – Julian Hueck, Co-Founder tink

To change that, 2016 is the start-up tink originated. But this is not a simple online shop, but an entire platform with information, expert tests, instructions and a preselection of the best products.

And with ““You are now gaining a foothold in the Alpine region. You can buy smart speakers, heaters, lighting systems, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, cameras, door locks, smoke detectors, roller shutters and more. Well-known brands such as Google Nest, Sonos, Bosch, ring, tado, Nuki, Netatmo and eve can be found directly at tink. And there are more and more.

Smart home should therefore become more accessible and clear. Incidentally, Rocket Internet, Vattenfall and Seven Ventures, who have 10 million euros in venture capital, have also believed in this tink idea since 2018 have made available.

Why are some niche shops successful?

Small providers cannot compete with the sheer selection and the mass prices. However, it is obvious how you can still stand out. And that is what business administration students learn in the first semester: Unique Selling Points.

Maybe some know the whiskey seller Horst Lüning with his YouTube channel dem Subblog. Lüning and his wife showed Whiskey.dethat you can make almost 25 million euros in sales in Germany if you do not just e-commerce, but the “trimmings” right: a niche, a forum, explanations, exclusive reviews and a kind of community. Competitors and large mail order companies don’t have that.

Corresponding concepts can also be attributed to tink. And here you are swimming in a market that is currently growing rapidly.

Analysis: Smart Home Market

Statista appreciates that Smart home market in Austria alone to 548 million euros in 2021. Around 900,000 “homes” in Austria are already smart, so they have at least one smart gadget. In 2025 the market is expected to turn over almost 900 million euros. © The  market should be worldwide generate over 88 billion in sales this year. This means that the global smart home market is growing by 28% yoy.

Interesting is: On average, Austrians spend significantly more on their smart home than Germans and almost 100 euros more than Americans. In Austria, at 10%, slightly fewer people have a smart home than in Germany (12%) and the USA (15%). © The re is still some catching up to do, which should lead to greater growth by 2025 than in the countries mentioned above.

© The  categories would probably also be misjudged. All of them are growing at the same rate and will roughly double their market volume by 2025. Nonetheless, niches such as lighting and entertainment are by no means the sales drivers, although smart lights in particular can be found in most smart homes.

© The  reason for this: Smart household appliances and security systems are expensive devices with up to 5.5 times as much revenue per household as mere lights that can be controlled by voice command.

Advantages of tink: This sets tink apart from the competition

Okay, Smart Home is growing and tink is an exciting partner in this area. But why? If you shop on tink, you get some key advantages compared to the large electronics shops and shipping giants:

  • All products from “Tink experts” tested and rated
  • Low prices through exclusive bundles from brands such as Sonos, Google Nest, tado, Nuki, Bosch, eve, ring and many more
  • Action weeks, like the current ones Smart Home Days
  • Instructions, Explanations, Installation help for each product
  • Blog with news and Exclusive reports to the smart home industry
  • tink works guarantee: Free advice by phone call and sending a technician home (so far only in Germany)
© Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash
© Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash

Smart Home Days: What do these offers look like?

As mentioned at the beginning, the Smart Home Days are currently taking place at tink. This is comparable to the days around Prime Day on Amazon. Here all products are reduced in price and great bundles are put together. tink has been using this strategy for a long time, and here you keep reaching deep into the discount box.

© The  following bestsellers for smart homes are currently significantly reduced in Austria:

  1. Smart speakers: For example from Google Nest (40% cheaper)
  2. Smart door locks: For example from Nuki (28% cheaper)
  3. Smart radiator thermostat: For example tados starter kit (32% cheaper)
  4. Smart weather station: For example the Premium Set from Netatmo (25% cheaper)

You are welcome to take advantage of all the offers for at home, in the garden and on the go rummage on tink. © The  partner for Smart Home in Austria

With the portal, interested parties have finally found an all-round contact in Austria when it comes to furnishing their smart home. Getting started is made easy with, so that laypeople can feel like tech professionals. And the professionals will find the best service paired with attractive prices for their favorite gadgets.

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