These celebs are under the masks – the full list!


Who is the dinosaur? According to fans, singer Sasha could be in a green costume. Photo: Willi Weber / ProSieben / dpa

This show leaves no one indifferent! Since last Tuesday – when the first episode of the fourth season of “© The  Masked Singer” was running on Pro.7 – all of Germany has been puzzling over which celebrities could hide under the brightly colored costumes. ©

 The  largest Facebook advice group on the social network is particularly successful. ©

 The re was already puzzles here during the previous seasons – and the “Masked Singer” fans were always right. Now the complete list of the hottest tips has been published.

Most of the celebs on the list should already be there

“Last season we had a 100 percent hit rate,” one of the group’s administrators proudly announced. Every single celebrity could be guessed correctly beforehand. Now, for the first time, a complete list of stars has been created – after evaluating comments, research and voting comparisons. Of course, you are not 100 percent sure, they say, there could be other celebrities under the masks. But: Most of the people who are on this list are likely to have already been placed.

More exciting stories about “©

 The  Masked Singer”:

As KURIER already reported, singer Thomas Anders is supposed to sting in a turtle costume, Guildo Horn is probably hiding in a bull costume – and actress Nora Tschirner is on stage as a unicorn. ©

 The re are also references to all of them. An indication of the unicorn read: “©

 The re is neither anger nor anger here, but be careful: the back will soon be in front!” A fan provides an explanation: ©

 The  word WUT ends with a T, ZORN with an N. ©

 The se letters result in the initials NT – Nora Tschirner? Thomas Gottschalk as Quokka is also said to have been exposed – thanks to references to Haribo and his youth job as a DJ.

“Masked Singer” presenter: Celebrities are now lining up!


 The  advice group also suspects Singer and entertainer Ross Anthony in a flamingo costume plugged, Actor Thore Schölermann in the costume of the monstronaut and Singer Joy Denalane in a leopard outfit. ©

 The  Chick is said to be actress Karoline Herfurth be – and in Singer Sasha is suspected of dinosaur costume. “We could also imagine Olivia Jones under the monstronaut or Conchita Wurst with the leopard, Anke Engelke would also be a good tip for the chick,” it says on the list.

But some fans disagree. “©

 The se are all very strange assumptions, especially Guildo Horn, Thomas Gottschalk and Ross Anthony. I can’t imagine, “writes one user. But top-class celebrities are by no means excluded – Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel announced in an interview just a few days ago that the stars are now queuing up and that many are applying themselves to participate in the format. So you can be curious – even the toughest fans will only know exactly in the next few weeks.

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