This is how Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend stays down to earth despite her fame


 The  Hunger Star Tribute Liam Hemsworth (31) and the model Gabriella Brooks (22) have been a couple for around a year. Clearly: ©

 The  beautiful brunette is dating one of the most sought-after young men in Hollywood. That would certainly go to the head of many a woman – but not Gabriella! Why? Now the 22-year-old reveals how, despite her relationship with the hot actor, she stays on the ground instead of taking off completely.

In an interview with ©

 The  Daily Telegraph the catwalk beauty now openly explained: “I have a really great network of friends who support me and regularly remind me of what is really important in life.” Further stressed Gabriella: “That keeps me completely grounded.”

As an insider revealed to the medium just a few days ago, it should be between Liam and Gabriella run great. “He’s very comfortable with her. His family likes her too – that’s very important to him,” the source said. ©

 The ir relationship is also “very different” and “much healthier” than Liams previous with musician Miley Cyrus (28).

Gabriella Brooks, Model

Instagram / gabriella_brooks/

Gabriella Brooks, Model
Gabriella Brooks, Model

Instagram / gabriella_brooks

Gabriella Brooks, Model
Liam Hemsworth, actor

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Liam Hemsworth, actor

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Liam Hemsworths girlfriend stays earth fame


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