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 The  children in Baden-Württemberg were able to go back to daycare centers and primary schools on Monday for the first time in almost ten weeks. How was the first day in the pandemic operation?

After a week-long lockdown, the daycare centers in Baden-Württemberg have been open again since Monday, and alternating classes began in primary schools. At the Burkhard von Hohenfels School in Sipplingen (Lake Constance district), for example, only grades one and three started. Grades two and four should not follow until next week. Schools across the country are now trying to minimize the risk of infection in schools in a similar way.

Rector: joy about students “predominates”

In the Karlsruhe district, Andrea Kritzer, principal of the Silcher primary school in Östringen (Karlsruhe district), was still looking forward to the students.

© The  joy clearly predominates and the students are hot for school.”

Andrea Kritzer, Rector of the Silcher Primary School in Östringen (Karlsruhe district)


 The  concerns are there, but you trust in a good hygiene concept, explained Kritzer. At the Silcherschule, the first and third grades are at school every day. ©

 The y are divided in time, part of the class is on the early morning shift at school, the other part is on the late afternoon shift. Grades two and four will continue to be taught homeschooling from home. ©

 The y are provided with teaching materials by their teachers via an app. ©

 The  Silcherschule should slowly but surely find its way back to normal operations, always depending on the current situation, explained Kritzer.

During the break: disinfect the classroom


 The  Elly-Heuss-Knapp Community School in Heilbronn proceeds in a similar way. School operations there slowly started on Monday morning, reported Rector Harald Schröder. ©

 The re are two time windows on each day. ©

 The  children come in two different groups for three school hours each. In between, the teacher gets a break – also to disinfect the classroom.

Elly-Heuss-Knapp Comprehensive School.  Headmaster Harald Schröder on the PC planning distance learning.  Still image from contribution.  (Photo: SWR)

Rector Harald Schröder and his colleagues have developed a concept for the new start.


© The  students, parents and teachers are of course very expectant. But the teachers are also a bit apprehensive because the numbers are rising again and we don’t know what that means for the school.”

Harald Schröder, Rector of Elly-Heuss-Knapp Community School in Heilbronn


 The  first and second graders started at the Heilbronn school this week, and grades three and four will come to the school next week.

Daycare staff in Weinheim specially trained for testing

In the “Nordlicht” day care center in Weinheim (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis), almost all of the 40 or so children returned to kindergarten on Monday morning. Since mid-December there had only been emergency care with around ten children a day.

In order to further contain the infection rate, the state relies on regular rapid tests for all employees in schools and daycare centers. ©

 The  state pays the costs, but in most municipalities employees have to go to the pharmacy, doctor or test center. In Weinheim, on the other hand, tests are carried out on site in the daycare centers and schools – by specially trained employees. ©

 The  city received 4,500 tests from the Ministry of Social Affairs. In this way, tests can be carried out twice a week in the municipal facilities for at least the next six weeks.


 The  head of the “Nordlicht” day care center in Weinheim and another teacher have been trained in throat and nasal swabs. ©

 The  result of the antigen tests is available after 15 minutes. If it is positive, a more detailed PCR test follows. If this is also positive, the person concerned must be in quarantine.

Rapid test at the school entrance

Face-to-face lessons with quick tests on site also began at the West Community School in Tübingen. At the entrance to the school there was a table with tubes and forms for them. ©

 The re, teachers and schoolchildren were able to take corona rapid tests. It feels good to be back in school after such a long time and see other people, said one student.

“I hope it stays that way. Homeschooling wasn’t so good for the exam classes. You have to teach yourself most things.”

Laura, student at the West Community School in Tübingen

© The  school management organized a lot and the start went well. But: Hundreds of students are still missing. Those who are there wear masks and there are fewer tables in the classroom. Keeping your distance and washing your hands are part of everyday school life.

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