This new study of Pfizer vaccinations gives hope – coronavirus


 The  corona vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer, which is highly effective, also protects against transmission of the virus, according to a study.

According to reports from “Spiegel” and “Bild”, the corona vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer can prevent the transmission of the virus by 89.4 percent. This emerges from a large observational study in Israel, wrote the “Spiegel” on Sunday morning on its website. © The  infections have shown a decline in ever larger parts of the population.

Almost half of Israelis have already received a first dose of the corona vaccine. So far it has not been clear whether vaccinated people are only protected themselves, but can pass the virus on – or whether they are actually not or hardly any longer contagious. At least for the Biontech vaccine, according to the data, the latter is the case.

Effectiveness of almost 96 percent


 The  result is surprisingly clear, writes the “Spiegel”. ©

 The  study is based on data from 1.7 million vaccinated. It was carried out by the companies together with the Israeli Ministry of Health and has not yet been published, neither as a so-called preprint nor in a scientific journal. But that should still happen.


 The  Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that the vaccine had an effectiveness of almost 96 percent after two doses. Accordingly, two weeks after the second dose, the vaccine also protects 99.2 percent from serious illness and 98.9 percent from a fatal course.

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