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 The  Chinese manufacturer Ecovacs is actually known for good vacuum robots. © The  Deebot 605 is no exception and was definitely worth the money. In the meantime, however, the robot hoover in the Aldi range has been in stores for well over two years. ©

 The  market has evolved and Ecovacs now has better and cheaper models on offer. So you get a better equipped vacuum robot from the same manufacturer for exactly the same price.

Ecovacs Deebot 605 at Aldi: This is the alternative

A significantly better alternative to the Aldi vacuum robot is the two years younger Ecovacs Deebot U2. © The  vacuum robot offers the same features as the Aldi range, but has improved sensors and optimized wiping technology. ©

 The  Deebot U2 originally cost 229 euros. However, it is currently available at exactly the same price as the Aldi offer:

For 200 euros, the Deebot U2 is definitely the better deal. We will briefly introduce the vacuum robot to you.

Ecovacs Deebot U2 in detail

© The  Ecovacs Deebot U2 is a simple vacuum robot with gyro navigation. © The  dust container is on average 400 milliliters in size and the battery life of 110 minutes should be sufficient for around 80 square meters of area to be cleaned. Thanks to a main brush on the underside of the robot vacuum cleaner, even heavier crumbs can be vacuumed up.

© The  control


 The  Deebot U2 is controlled with the Ecovacs Home app. Here you can schedule cleaning in advance or select different cleaning modes. ©

 The  vacuum robot does not offer a card function in this price range. With the help of separately available magnetic tape, however, you can mark areas in your apartment that should not be vacuumed.

© The  hidden magnetic tape under the carpet prevents the robot hoover from driving on it

Conclusion: vacuum robots at Aldi – it’s better to use the alternative


 The  Aldi offer is available from today until March 13th in the Aldi online shop. ©

 The  vacuum robot is not offered in the branches of the discounter. For 199 euros you get a well-equipped entry-level device from the brand manufacturer. A big advantage here is the excellent app and easy availability of wear parts such as brushes and filters.

You shouldn’t expect too much from the wiping function, however. ©

 The  vacuum robot is suitable for wet wiping. However, it does not remove stubborn dirt well. Only a few and significantly more expensive vacuum robots can do this really convincingly.

For the low price you only have to do without a card function and thus the possibility of sending the vacuum robot specifically to certain rooms in your apartment. If that is not a problem for you, you can access the MediaMarkt offer:

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