Three classics in one package – “Blizzard Arcade Collection” released


As part of the BlizzConline hat Blizzard Made some announcements last night, including an interesting game collection called Shadowdrop. Under the name of “Blizzard Arcade Collection” one has the title “Lost Vikings”, “Rock’n Roll Racing” and “Blackthorne” united.

In terms of modern features, they have also come up with a lot. Among other things, fast saving and rewinding are possible, besides some filters there are also 16: 9 picture. At © The  Lost Vikings” and “Blackthorne” ©

 The re is also a watch mode that plays through the game independently, but lets you get in and continue playing at any time.


 The  collection is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch for just under 20,-€ available. Thanks to backward compatibility, you can “Blizzard Arcade Collection” on too Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation5 play.


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classics package Blizzard Arcade Collection released


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