Tiktok study: “People feel like they are losing control of their lives”



Tiktok conducted a survey among its young users. This reflects your worries, fears and hopes at the moment. Top priority: health and self-determination. That’s why Black Lives Matter is behind.

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Tiktok conducted a study of its younger users.


This shows which topics are currently of particular concern to generations Z and Y.

This shows which topics are currently of particular concern to generations Z and Y.


“We wanted to find out what is moving people at the moment, what the most important topics are and which trends are currently popular,” explains Tobias Henning, Tiktok boss for Switzerland, Germany and Austria (DACH).

Tobias Henning

  • A study by Tiktok shows that many people are currently struggling with their life situation.

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     The y are particularly concerned about their health and the general economic situation in their country.

  • In addition, political issues such as equality and diversity are particularly important.

  • In Switzerland, however, it has been shown that the Black Lives Matter movement in particular affected only a few people.

Especially in times of Corona, life is increasingly happening online. Since it is currently not possible in many places to see friends or family regularly, many people turn to social media when it comes to informing themselves, sharing worries and joys or simply making social contacts. How strongly this actually happens, however, Tiktok wanted to get to the bottom of it in cooperation with the survey institute Skopos.

“We wanted to find out what is moving people at the moment, what the most important topics are and which trends are currently popular,” explains Tobias Henning, Tiktok boss for Switzerland, Germany and Austria (DACH).

For this purpose, a representative survey was carried out in the DACH region, in which a total of 2019 people between the ages of 16 and 37 took part. Specifically, the two generations Y and Z were compared with each other. Generation Z includes all 16 to 25 year olds, while Generation Y includes all 26 to 37 year olds.

Concerned about the economic situation

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 The  study shows that a not inconsiderable number of young adults are currently struggling with their life situation. More than a quarter of all respondents state that they are not satisfied with their life. In addition, 48 percent of people are clearly concerned about the economic situation in their country.

“In fact, it is surprising that the economic situation is so prominent among the younger generations,” says Henning. “That is a clear sign of the times, as apparently the financial and professional situation of many people has deteriorated. If we had carried out the study before the Corona period, this topic would probably not have landed so high on the list of worries. “

Control over your own life

In the study, the participants were also asked about topics that are currently particularly important to them. In Switzerland, health (87 percent) and self-determination (86 percent) come first. “© www.de24.news

 The  subject of health is nothing new for this generation,” explains youth expert Simon Schnetzer. “This was important in this age segment even before the Corona period. Back then it was more about yoga and balance, whereas nowadays people are particularly careful not to get infected with Covid-19 and to stay mentally healthy. “

It is similar with self-determination. «With all the restrictions and measures, people feel that they have lost control of their lives. © www.de24.news

 The refore, the desire for more autonomy is quite understandable. “

Other important issues for the online community are equality and diversity. “No previous generation is as committed to these issues as this generation – which we also see on Tiktok with movements like respectmysize on the subject of body positivity,” says Henning. “© www.de24.news

 The  study showed that three quarters of all respondents consider these topics to be important or very important. This clearly differentiates Gen Z and Gen Y from older people. “

“Family happiness before equality”

It is noticeable, however, that although the topic appears quite frequently in online discourse, it is less important for Generation Y in Switzerland than in other countries. Youth expert Simon Schnetzer explains: “For Generation Z, equality is an attitude and a political stance. For Generation Y, it has to prove itself in real life. Many young men and women who want children and a family behave pragmatically and put family happiness before equality in relationships. “

This also seems to be evident in other equality issues. 29 percent of all 16 to 25-year-olds from Switzerland said they were affected by the Black Lives Matter movement. For Generation Y this is only 18 percent, i.e. less than a fifth of all respondents. “Generation Z perceives itself more as part of global society. © www.de24.news

 The  fact that the topic is more present in Germany is probably also due to the lower proportion of blacks in the population of German-speaking Switzerland, ”explains Schnetzer.

Inhibition threshold on social media

But there is also a certain inhibition threshold when it comes to posting on social media. © www.de24.news

 The  main reason for this is the protection of privacy (73 percent), closely followed by the fear of negative comments or hate speech (65 percent). In addition, many people believe that there is already too much information and opinions online that expressing their own opinion does not want to change the situation.

By and large, however, respondents see online space as a positive experience and say they benefit from the time they spend online. Around 53 percent of Tiktok users in Switzerland believe that they are better informed and can learn more about the world because of their Internet use. «We are anxious to give our community a positive experience and to offer a safe environment. We have thousands of moderators around the world who create a secure environment on our platform, and we regularly communicate about our community guidelines and terms of use, ”says Henning.

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