TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG, leading article from February 21, 2021 by Alois Vahrner “Opening tickets testing & vaccination”


Innsbuck (OTS) © The  promised light at the end of the Corona tunnel shines a little, but the length of the tunnel is still unclear. Advantages for the tested and vaccinated are foreseeable.

Since the beginning of November, the Austrians have been in an anything but refreshing rollercoaster of hard and somewhat softer lockdowns. © The  number of infections could be reduced, but not as strongly as hoped. In the meantime, after the first opening steps, a slight upward tendency can be observed again – but also a consequence of the mass tests, in which, which is a great success, more symptom-free infected people are found. Big question mark, especially in Tyrol, the more contagious virus mutations remain, especially those from South Africa.
© The  pressure on politics has recently increased massively, especially from the hard hit economy. People are finally longing for more normalcy. Chancellor Kurz has, if the number of infections does not worsen, vaguely promised further openings. For more than three and a half months now, restaurants, hotels and the cultural and event sector have been paralyzed.
© The  more it is tested and then, hopefully, vaccinated sooner, the sooner a new normal will actually return – and you have to say it so hard and unequivocally, otherwise not! Negative Covid tests (and subsequently also vaccination certificates) will, as is already the case with hairdressers or ski lifts, ultimately become a kind of entry ticket for a lot – from gastronomy, travel, sports or cultural events through to many jobs on site in the companies. Anything else would be too dangerous for those responsible in companies or for events or would trigger new lockdowns as a result.

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TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG leading article February Alois Vahrner Opening tickets testing vaccination


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