“Titanic” app returns to Google Play Store


Dhe app of the satirical magazine “Titanic” is available again in the Google Play Store.  The y wanted to “sincerely apologize to“ Titanic ”and its readers for the fact that the app was not available in the meantime. We too think: humor and satire shouldn’t go under – especially not in Germany, ”said the spokesman for Google Germany, Alexander Bressel.

Google had blocked the app because of three allegedly pornographic or blasphemous title pages. © www.de24.news The  editors protested against this. Google revised its judgment and gave it a “Sorry” signature from the draftsman Bulo: You can see a naked man holding a “Titanic” with the headline “Google bare and says ‘Sorry’!” In front of his shame.

“All cover images and content are displayed uncensored again, as we requested – we suspect that Google simply couldn’t afford a longer ban on ‘Titanic'”, said the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Moritz Hürtgen. “Nevertheless, we will continue Google’s activities observe closely and critically. “

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Titanic app returns Google Play Store


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