To celebrate the announcement, there’s TBC Timewalking


from Karsten Scholz
After the announcement of Burning Crusade Classic, anyone who feels so keen on the Outland that it is almost unbearable can at least partially live out their anticipation in the next ID.

 The  people in charge at Blizzard have announced that the time wandering into the dungeons of Outland awaits us in the upcoming ID.

In the official WoW forum, Community Manager Kaivax announced that those responsible at Blizzard will be the Announcing Burning Crusade Classic Take this opportunity to host the Outland Era Timewalking event in the next World of Warcraft ID. You can now find the entry in the calendar: ©

 The  time hike runs from February 24th at 8:00 a.m. to March 3rd at 5:00 a.m.

Players level 50 and over can queue up for the following instances of Timewalking in the group search tool: ©

 The  Arcatraz, ©

 The  Black Morass, ©

 The  Mana Tomb, ©

 The  Shattered Halls, ©

 The  Slave Pens and ©

 The  Master’s Terrace. Do not forget to accept the corresponding quest from the manager Kah-Toll in the custody hall in Oribos before you register, so that you will be rewarded for your efforts (with an item from Castle Nathria with item level 200)!

During the event, you can also speak to Vormu in Shattrath for a raid (10-30 players) Timewalking version of the Black Temple to enter.

WoW: Schwarzer Tempel Zeitwanderung – This is what awaits you

What does it look like: Are you up for the nostalgic trip to Outland or do you prefer to wait for the release of TBC Classic? Let us know in the comments!

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