Today show: When Oliver Welke speaks ABOUT it, the director intervenes


“Today Show” (ZDF): When Oliver Welke speaks ABOUT it, the director suddenly intervenes

“Today Show” presenter Oliver Welke did not have the last word on his own show. (Archive photo)
Photo: IMAGO / Sven Simon

Premiere at the “Today’s show“On Friday evening on ZDF!

“And today, let’s do it completely differently,” announces “Today’s show“Moderator Oliver Welke at the beginning of the satirical program.

What the “Today’s show“Moderator wants to get out of there? When he starts his moderation, he tries to simply ignore a topic. But the director couldn’t let that sit for long – and so it comes to an unexpected turn.

“Today Show” (ZDF): When Oliver Welke addresses DAS, the director intervenes

Because Oliver Welke obviously has no desire to always deal with the same topics in the “Today’s show“To chew through:” Instead of ‘hardly any falling infection numbers’ or ‘curfew in Flensburg’ just something nice. Yes, because otherwise you go nuts ”, the presenter begins the ZDF show.


This is the ZDF “Today Show”:

  • runs since 2009
  • © The  satirical show is moderated by Oliver Welke
  • Topics are currently being discussed that have been in the news
  • © The  team includes Martina Hill, Christian Ehring, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Hans-Joachim Heist, Lutz van der Horst, Hazel Brugger and Fabian Köster
  • ©

     The  program received various awards such as the Grimme Prize, the Bambi and the German Comedy Prize


This brings the 54-year-old to the news of the week: “People want something nice. Watch out: Harry and Meghan are expecting their second child, ”reports Oliver Welke happily. “It will soon be said, Harry, get the stroller,” he jokes on, referring to the crime series “Derrick”, in which assistant Harry was always supposed to bring the stroller.

Oliver Welke starts chatting – until the director suddenly intervenes!

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“Today Show” (ZDF): “Can’t we even do a show without the filthy corona?”

Because suddenly a voice can be heard from the off: “Oliver, can you please moderate what we had discussed?” Asks a man, annoyed.

But the ZDF presenter holds against it: “Oh no, can’t we even do a show without the dirty corona? Just something nice? ”Apparently not an option for the producers, the director only lets out an annoyed“ Oliver … ”.

Finally Oliver Welke gives in – and speaks about a situation that hardly anyone has been able to get past for over a year: “Yes, that’s good. Corona … Yes, how do you describe the current mood in our country? Difficult. Something between tired and defiant. “


More topics about the “Today Show”:


This is how the moderator acts while talking about lockdown fatigue and the third wave of infections. Nevertheless, the “Today Show” viewers can assume that the dispute between Welke and the director was planned in advance – otherwise the graphics for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would not have been displayed. After all, Oliver Welke actually managed to briefly report something beautiful in his show.

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If the attempt to bypass Corona was still funny, this gag on Instagram went completely wrong.

You can look up the entire episode of “Today Show” in the ZDF media library. (kv)

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Today show Oliver Welke speaks director intervenes


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