Too many day trippers: Walhalla closed until Monday


Due to a rush of visitors at the weekend, the Walhalla in Donaustauf has to be closed until Monday. According to the police, several residents on the access roads complained about parking offenders yesterday.

Residents parked in private meadows

When the police arrived on site, they found “real traffic chaos”. In some cases, even private meadows were completely parked up. At the Walhalla itself there were around 250 visitors who were in the sun in the front area. According to the police, the distances were not kept and no masks were worn.

Police cannot deal with violations alone

Since the responsible patrol was unable to cope with the numerous violations on its own, the Walhalla was closed around 4.30 p.m. after consultation with the Bavarian Palace Administration. All visitors had to leave the site.

 The  parking lot and the access roads were also blocked. ©

 The re were no problems with the implementation of the measure.

Walhalla closed for the entire weekend

Since a similar rush is to be feared for today, the ban will remain until Monday, February 22nd. consist. ©

 The  police asked day trippers to avoid the Walhalla area and announced increased controls.

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day trippers Walhalla closed Monday


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