Total closure: Stone avalanche fell on the B 145


According to the police, the street is temporarily closed until 10:00 a.m.  The  stone avalanche fell around 5 a.m. on a stretch of road between the villages of Mitterweißbach and Plankau, i.e. between the communities of Bad Ischl and Ebensee.

© The  rocks broke through the avalanche grid and rained down on the street,” says Walter Bartl, commander of the Mitterweißbach volunteer fire department.

When the stones fell, a Gmundner was driving his vehicle on the B 145. © The  boulders hit his car on the driver’s side. © The  driver was very lucky, he was unharmed. Seven of the fire brigade cleared the boulders out of the way, meanwhile the road maintenance department has taken over the work.

Evasion is currently only possible over a large area. Either via the B 153 and then via Unterach and Nussdorf. © The  shorter alternative route via Weyregg is currently also closed after a rock fall in February.



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Total closure Stone avalanche fell


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