Totally in love: GNTM-Romina wants children with Stefano Zarrella


 The  fact that Germany’s next top model candidate Romina Palm (21) and her lover Stefano Zarrella are really on cloud nine shouldn’t be a big secret: After all, the beauty and brother of Giovanni Zarrella (42) raved about each other not only at GNTM – ©

 The y also regularly provide insights into their everyday life as a couple on social media. But how do the lovebirds actually see their future together? Romina and Stefano can imagine having children!

“We are both definitely sure that we want to get pregnant in the next year or two”, explained Romina their fans as part of a Instagram-Question round. But as much as the two are apparently already looking forward to having offspring – the couple first wants to wait and see in which directions their careers will develop in the near future.

Whether or not you want to have children: Enjoy it now Romina and Stefano first of all their relationship – and to the fullest! “I think our trust could do better [zueinander] not be “, emphasizes the GNTM candidate and summarizes her love story briefly: “But we also worked for that, because at the beginning we were both very jealous – but now not at all. I trust him blindly.”

Romina Palm, GNTM-Kandidatin 2021
Stefano Zarrella and Romina Palm in July 2020 in Cologne

Instagram / stefanozarrella

Stefano Zarrella and Romina Palm in July 2020 in Cologne
Stefano Zarrella and Romina Palm, Influencer

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Totally love GNTMRomina children Stefano Zarrella


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