Trauner: “If there is an interesting offer from abroad, then …”


LASK captain Gernot Trauner has in the 97th edition of our podcast DAB | © The  audio evidence presented by bwin talked about its future, among other things:

“I have always said: If there is an interesting offer from abroad, I will deal with it. At the same time, I know what I have at LASK in terms of my position at LASK. I feel extremely comfortable, I feel accepted, I feel a high degree of appreciation for myself. At the same time, I have my whole family around me here in Upper Austria, which is also very important to me. Something really interesting has to come from that for me to deal with it. I don’t mind if I fulfill the contract and then extend it again. So at the moment I’m still fit and can still imagine a few years of professional football – and yes, if that’s at LASK, please. ”

To the podcast with Gernot Trauner:

DAB | © The  audio evidence episode # 97 with Gernot Trauner

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Trauner interesting offer


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