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Rating: 2.5 / 5

So there it is, the new German sci-fi series by Dark-Makers who deal with Tribes of Europa again for Netflix venture into a larger world with envisaged epic adventures in the battle for a mysterious powerful cube and supremacy in Europe. With six episodes a short pleasure – if one is having fun. You can find out what that depends on in our review.

Tribes of Europa Review

Tribes of Europa takes place in a dystopian future in Europe: in 2074, after a catastrophe 45 years earlier, Europe disintegrated into countless micro-states, in which various tribes, the so-called tribes, fight for power on the continent.  The  story follows three siblings of the Tribes of Origen who are separated by another event and who will shape the fate of the new Europe – whereby a mysterious cube with equally mysterious power plays a major role …

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We’ll say it honestly, with the first few episodes we tormented ourselves a bit, which was mainly due to the striking structure and acting that hit you with a mallet ©

 The  Hunger Games – ©

 The  Hunger Games and Game of Thrones should remember with a pinch ©

 The  100, Star Wars and of course fanservice connections too Dark, while the mystery of the cube keeps you curious about it. Even if it is about tribes in Europe, at least in the first season the world remains rather German with somewhat silly-looking Anglicisms and close to Berlin (of course!), And only that leaves one with the apparently typical acting slang of young German actors * Endure inside: Speak as quickly and choppily as possible and swallow as many end syllables as possible.


 The  three main actors spend great performances as siblings Liv (Henriette Confurius), Elja (David Ali Rashed) and Kiano (Emilio sakray) also otherwise acting, especially at the beginning of Tribes of Europa not yet, but there is potential if you follow their character development until the end of the first season. Mainly you get to know three tribes: the Origen, living as close to nature as possible and isolated, the native-cliché mix from which the story of the three siblings starts. ©

 The  dark, brutal crows, whose code of honor and cruel way of life is just as striking and bloody as their sinister look – and the military tribe of the Crimsons, which at least looks and feels as you imagine it as a military unit.

Two other tribes, the Atlanteans and Femen, also play a role, but their part is much more important for the second season Tribes of Europa is planned, you guessed it, there is a cliffhanger ending. We honestly say it, some characters are too “over the top” of us, seem too contrived, which is why the series has the problem of how seriously it actually wants to take itself, and it always feels like it is just getting so close to the curve. Yes, Moses (Oliver Masucci) should also be funny, and as a windy buddy it also spices up Elja, who is always a bit pale. Yes, the Crow rulers are supposed to be sadistic and completely crazy, and many a slave masochistic, whether one thinks that is so striking is another question. Acting balms are above all James Faulkner as General Cameron as well Johann Myers as Bracker, but both have only short supporting roles. ©

 The  effects are okay, the music, on the other hand, is an annoying, impulsive hum with a few exceptions, no matter how much or little is happening.

It doesn’t sound so good at first, but it is developing into Tribes of Europa then everything is not so bad after all, also with regard to the acting performance of the main characters, which is why we would like to know how it goes on. ©

 The  striking thing always gets breaks that make it bearable, the good-bad line has a few rough edges that make it more interesting, and then there are some cool and unpredictable twists and turns. At the beginning you get frighteningly little out of the cube and then you get a lot out of it in the process, even if it seems a bit strange that everyone has heard of it, wants to get hold of it as a powerful artifact, but actually nobody should know about this artifact at all because of it Origin.

But well, that’s probably part of the mystery of Tribes of Europa, which will also be built up around Black December 2029, the blackout day that let Europe fall back into the Middle Ages, when all power went away overnight. After 45 years, nobody really knows how it actually happened and is hoping for the answer from the cube – and yet one can assume that some people know more about it than it seems. Sure, you could have done a few other cool things with the cube – er Cube – if you had more consequences, but who knows what will come next season apart from the anticipated but wow moment.

And that’s exactly what leaves us on Tribes of Europa Season 2 hope because some things strongly suggest that the references suggest Dark but more than just fan service, we are not suggesting more at this point. In short, once you’ve gotten used to the style and overlooks some of the things, you’ll have plenty of excitement and fun. As a German series, the makers are to be praised for daring such an adventurous sci-fi epic at all. We are curious to see how the existing potential for a second season will be exploited, which will hopefully then come. ©

 The re is still room for improvement!

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