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  • State Councilor Pierre Maudet has been sentenced by the Geneva Police Court to 300 daily rates of 400 francs on probation.
  •  The  public prosecutor had requested a conditional prison sentence of 14 months, Maudet had pleaded for acquittal.

Pierre Maudet was the main defendant in the Geneva Police Court trial, which lasted five days. According to the indictment, Pierre Maudet was invited to a luxury trip to Abu Dhabi worth 50,000 francs in 2015, including his family and his chief of staff. According to the indictment, the program was “Hotel, pool, cigars and Grand Prix”. In addition, Maudet had an opinion poll in the amount of 34,000 francs financed. He was acquitted of this charge by the court.

But not with regard to the luxury trip: in addition to the 300 daily rates of 400 francs each, Maudet has to repay the canton 50,000 francs – the estimated cost of the luxury trip paid for. Maudet and his chief of staff were guilty of accepting benefits, the court ruled.

Hoped for preferential treatment

Two Geneva businessmen are said to have arranged the trip and arranged for the survey to be carried out. In return, they are said to have hoped for preferential treatment from Maudet’s economic office.

According to the public prosecutor, a bar in Geneva was granted an operating license despite missing documents – according to the prosecutor, under pressure from Maudet’s chief of staff.

Deep fall

For a long time, Pierre Maudet had been the high-flyer of the Geneva FDP: He made his way from political prodigy to Federal Council candidate 2017. A year later, he was re-elected to the Geneva cantonal government with a brilliant result. But gradually more and more details of the trip to Abu Dhabi became public.

Maudet’s assertion that it was a private trip turned out to be a lie, which he had to admit publicly and apologized for it. © The  affair subsequently led to his partial disempowerment as a State Councilor and to his party exclusion. When Pierre Maudet was withdrawn from his last mandate in autumn 2020 because of a damning report on his administration, he announced his resignation. On March 7th, he is running for his own successor.

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Trip Abu Dhabi Pierre Maudet convicted accepting benefits News


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