Trump attorney causes astonishment at impeachment proceedings with a gesture


Updated February 10, 2021, 9:36 am

  • In the impeachment proceedings against Trump, one of his lawyers caused astonishment with a gesture.
  • Lawyer David Schoen put a hand on his head every time he took a sip of water.
  • That has to do with the religion of the lawyer.

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In the impeachment proceedings against former US President Donald Trump one of his lawyers caused astonishment on social media with one gesture.

 The  lawyer David Schoen, a devout Jew, put his hand on his head several timeswhile he was drinking water. Numerous Twitter users then wondered why he was doing this.


 The  lawyer replaced his kippah with his hand while drinking

According to Jewish religious law, you must eat or drink before anyone a brief blessing to be said. ©

 The  Head usually covered, for example through a kippah.

Schoen carried however according to media reports no kippahso as not to draw attention to his Jewish identity. In order to keep his head covered during the blessing before drinking water, he took his hand instead.

“What Donald Trump’s lawyer probably wanted: That the US spend this evening talking about the fact that the ex-president was not responsible for the fatal storm on the US Capitol,” wrote the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “What he got instead: Heated speculations about why he put his hand over his head every time he took a sip of water.” (jwo / dpa)
© dpa

Less than three weeks after he left the White House, the second impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump began. He is already sure of an inglorious entry in the history books. Is he now threatened with a lifelong suspension of office? (Teaser image: Al Drago / Getty Images)

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Trump attorney astonishment impeachment proceedings gesture


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