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Despite all the efforts of the former US president to stop the investigation into his taxes, Donald Trump is increasingly facing difficulties. On Monday, the US Supreme Court rejected his request to prevent the New York prosecutor from disclosing his tax documents.

For Trump, the decision is a heavy defeat in a long-running legal battle that reached the Supreme Court last summer.  The  Supreme Court had denied Trump, who was still in office at the time, “absolute immunity” in the dispute in July and granted the district attorney in Manhattan the right to inspect Trump’s financial records. ©

 The  dispute then went back to lower instances and dragged on there.

Trump has long tried to prevent his accounting firm Mazars and the credit institutions Deutsche Bank and Capitol One from handing over his financial and tax records. Critics therefore speculate that he has something to hide. ©

 The  United States has a long history of issuing financial and tax records to high officials. Trump has always refused to do this.


 The  Manhattan prosecutors want to see Trump and his companies’ tax records over a period of eight years. Prosecutor Cyrus Vance had requested documents from the Mazars accountancy firm under threat of punishment.

In August 2020, a letter to a federal court in New York State revealed that the investigation was even more extensive than was previously known. It’s also about alleged hush money payments that Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen is said to have paid the porn star Stormy Daniels and the former playmate Karen McDougal. Both women claim to have had affairs with Trump, which Trump denies. Vance just commented on the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday, saying, “©

 The  work continues.”

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Trump fails Supreme Court politics


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