Trust away: TUI debits customer accounts


“My trust is gone!” This is what a TUI customer wrote about a Facebook post from the travel company, under which a few disappointed customers are venting their anger. However, it is not about the Post itself, which advertises vacations in October 2021, but about incorrect money reservations on customer accounts.

On Friday and Saturday, many customers had the wrong credit card debits – people were also affected in Hamburg. After a few repayments of canceled holidays in 2020 were problematic, the trust of TUI customers now seems to have been broken. That at least suggests the comments made by users.

Trust away: TUI debits customer accounts

“TUI also debits more than EUR 2,000 from my credit card without authorization, even though the remaining amount is due in five months,” said one customer. In addition, the company could not be reached on Saturday: “On the hotline for 45 minutes (!) And no way of getting through. Trust destroyed. Thank you TUI. ”

Another customer is also outraged – the same amount of 5124 euros was even debited twice. “My confidence is gone.” Other TUI customers even speak of up to five direct debits.

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 The  Association of Independent Independent Travel Agencies (VUSR) is also outraged: “Mr. Andryszak, such mistakes must NOT happen (again) in your current situation!”, ©

 The  federal association also railed against the TUI boss on Facebook. “Human children – what’s wrong with you in Hanover? Are you standing with your back against the wall and have nothing under control? ”

TUI itself explains to MOPO that customer data was never endangered, as many customers had previously feared. Aage Dünhaupt, Head of Corporate Communications at TUI Germany, also explains that only authorization requests were received from TUI guests’ credit card accounts.

When it comes to authorization requests, it is not an actual payment collection, “but a precautionary reservation of the amount. ©

 The  amount remains on the credit card account. TUI will now cancel these incorrect requests immediately. “

Booking chaos: software error at TUI


 The  reason for the chaos was a software error, said Dünhaupt. Even angry customers on the hotline could have been calmed after this problem had been resolved. “©

 The  call centers also took care of the calls and received a lot of positive feedback,” said the head of corporate communications.

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Trust TUI debits customer accounts


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