TUI debits money without a trip: Family from Cologne affected by error


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When the cell phone rattles at 1:30 a.m., it’s rarely good news. Thorsten Sabow (41) from Cologne-Zollstock also noted this. On the night of Saturday (February 20), a warning was received on his smartphone that his credit card had been charged and that the limit had been reached. And so did dozens of others over the weekend.  The y were all victims of incorrect bookings by the TUI vacation group.

  • Vacation group TUI debits unauthorized thousands of euros from customers
  • Cologne’s Thorsten Sabow affected by TUI incorrect debit
  • Group speaks of software errors

“When I got the message, I of course had the credit card blocked,” says Sabow, who initially thought of a hacker attack. TUI charged his credit card twice with 1000 euros. “Without having booked a trip. Where should you go during Corona times? “, Says Sabow in an interview with EXPRESS.

Credit card charged: online report to the Cologne police filed


 The  41-year-old filed an online complaint with the police and called TUI directly that morning. “I wasn’t the first there at 8 o’clock, as the lady on the hotline told me,” the family man from Zollstock continued. “Even when I called the travel agency where I had booked a trip to Corona, I was told that I was not the first caller to have incorrect debits on his account.”

Thorsten Sabow from Cologne was the victim of TUI booking errors

Thorsten Sabow’s credit card was charged twice by TUI with 1000 euros without the Cologne resident having booked a vacation. ©

 The  41-year-old was one of thousands of customers who were affected by incorrect bookings at the weekend.

At that time, however, neither the TUI employee nor the travel agency could say why the sums were debited. Over the course of the day, the angry comments from those affected increased on Facebook. Because not everyone was lucky enough to reach an employee on the TUI hotline. Here are some comments:

  • TUI also debits more than 2000 euros from my credit card without authorization, although the remaining amount will not be due for 5 months. On the hotline for 45 minutes (!) And no getting through in sight. Trust destroyed. Thank you TUI.
  • I’ve been in the queue for 2 hours and 3 minutes and nothing happened
  • TUI how about some active information from you guys? Why do I find out about this on Facebook? You charged almost 5000 euros yesterday! Are you crazy?

TUI replied via Facebook: “We know that some of our customers have incorrectly debited their credit cards. TUI is currently investigating the background to these cases … Customers who suspect incorrect debits can contact [email protected]

This is how TUI reacts to incorrect bookings

In the meantime, the group has also published information on its website. It says:

Dear customers, on Friday 19.02. and Saturday, February 20th Unintentional authorization requests for credit card accounts of TUI customers occurred due to a software error. ©

 The  causes of the incorrect transactions have now been determined and rectified. Customer data was never endangered … Authorization requests are not actually a collection of payments … ©

 The  amount is only noted … TUI is extremely sorry for the mistake and apologizes to the customers concerned for the inconvenience …


 The  error, TUI assures, should be rectified within three working days and the incorrect inquiries would be canceled immediately. According to TUI, it is not necessary to block the card or notify the credit card company.

Thorsten Sabow is now waiting – what else should he do? “It’s of course annoying that the credit card limit has been reached for now,” he says. TUI intends to cover the costs of any blocking or unblocking of credit cards and refers to further information on the TUI website.

Home office and homeschooling: family from Cologne-Zollstock ready for a vacation

After all the excitement and last year, the family is definitely ready for a vacation. “With a daycare child at home and a child in home schooling, every family can understand that,” says Sabow, who has been working in the home office for weeks at NetCologne.

“If we had booked a vacation, it would have gone to Thailand,” he reveals. ©

 The  family wanted to go there for three weeks last year. But Corona torpedoed the vacation plans.

Thorsten Sabow from Cologne fell victim to the TUI booking error

Thorsten Sabow (41) and his family had planned a vacation in Thailand in 2020. But Corona thwarted the Cologne residents.

Doubly bitter: ©

 The  family not only had to throw all vacation plans overboard. Due to the financial difficulties of Thai Air, with which the Cologne-based company had booked, they are still waiting for the costs to be reimbursed. “With 2400 euros, no cardboard style. But whether we will ever see the money again is questionable, ”Sabow remains skeptical.

Still, he wants to make the best of the situation. “With the nice weather today, I’ll grab my family right away and then I’ll go outside,” he says, looking forward to the Cologne holiday feeling in times of the Corona.

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TUI debits money trip Family Cologne affected error


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