Tuner (19) flees from the police, hits the guardrail – Salzburg


After a tuning meeting there was a traffic accident in Eugendorf. A 19-year-old escaped from the police and hit a guardrail.

In the course of a meeting of the tuning scene in Bergheim, Eugendorf and in the city of Salzburg, several vehicles blocked the roundabout at the motorway exit in Eugendorf on Saturday evening.

Chase at over 130km / h

A patrol crew had to clear the traffic jam, whereupon two cars fled the location on the B1 in the direction of Mattsee. A patrol crew followed the fleeing cars at a speed of over 130 km / h.

A 19-year-old Romanian came with his car in a curve area at the end of the village in Eugendorf, from the road and hit a guardrail.

 The  driver, as well as his fellow riders, 16 and 18 years old, were not injured. His father’s car was totaled. An alcohol test was negative. © www.de24.news

 The  19-year-old has to answer for endangering physical safety in traffic.

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Tuner flees police hits guardrail Salzburg


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