Turnverein Kloten – 125th anniversary is celebrated despite Corona


In year 2 of the corona pandemic, the Kloten gymnastics club celebrates its 125th anniversary. Various events are planned from April.

© www.de24.news The  gymnastics club Kloten wants to celebrate its 125th anniversary with a big program – if the Corona regulations allow it.

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It all began on January 30, 1896 – with just ten members. Today the Kloten gymnastics club is home to around 450 people. From toddlers who attend parent-child gymnastics, through performance-oriented young people to 80-year-old active members, the entire age spectrum is represented. While other clubs complain about a decline in membership and have orphaned board positions, the number of members at TV Kloten has always increased slightly in recent years. © www.de24.news

 The  board is also complete and there are always enough volunteers available.

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Turnverein Kloten #125th anniversary celebrated Corona


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