TV breakdown at RTL Exclusiv: Charlotte Maihoff suddenly appeared


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Funny studio breakdown in the stars and star show “Exclusiv” with presenter Bella Lesnik (39) on Friday (February 19) on RTL.

  • Funny TV breakdown on “Exclusiv” (RTL) on Friday (February 19) with Bella Lesnik
  • Suddenly “RTL aktuell” presenter Charlotte Maihoff could be seen live in the background
  • Moderators speak up after a breakdown

During the moderation, the TV viewers suddenly saw Lesnik’s RTL colleague Charlotte Maihoff (39), who was just being wired by employees for her subsequent moderation on “RTL aktuell” – which is recorded in the same studio.

Bella Lesnik meanwhile continued to moderate confidently and did not show anything.

 The  funny mishap is celebrated by the audience on the Internet – and the two moderators have also spoken out …

RTL “Exclusiv”: fans celebrate the TV breakdown on social media

On Saturday (February 20), the station commented on the small TV glitch on the “RTL aktuell” Instagram profile.

“Well, who is being wired in the background? Charlotte Maihoff, who is being prepared for the moderation of ‘RTL Aktuell’, can be clearly seen in the picture as Bella Lesnik moderates ‘RTL Exclusiv’. A small mishap that Bella dealt with absolutely sovereign. ”

Moderator Charlotte Maihoff also commented on the post: “Pay attention to your shoes! Live is live and colleague Bella Lesnik did a great job! Maybe we will moderate the show together, next time? ”She accidentally marked her post with a wink smiley.


 The  fans also found the live glitch super funny. Here are some comments:

  • “I think it’s funny. Breakdowns do happen. We’re all human. And nobody is perfect! “
  • “It’s super natural!”
  • “I didn’t even notice. It’s always fun to see something like that. “

Bella Lesnik commented after the RTL Live breakdown

Presenter Bella Lesnik said: “I love moments like this! This shows that we are broadcasting live. With us it just happens in quick succession. While I’m still telling the celebrity news, the news colleagues are getting ready. And today everyone could watch it live for a short moment. ”

On Saturday, Bella Lesnik also uploaded another photo of herself to Instagram. ©

 The re she writes: “See you tomorrow on RTL” Exclusiv “. I’m already looking forward to seeing who conjures up in the picture tomorrow. “(People)

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breakdown RTL Exclusiv Charlotte Maihoff suddenly appeared


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