TV quota guarantee: “Police call” investigator and audience favorite: Jaecki Schwarz turns 75


 The  Saxon police union once appointed him honorary commissioner: Jaecki Schwarz spent many years investigating with Wolfgang Winkler in “Polizeiruf 110”. © The  role in the crime thriller was one of the most recognizable on his list of around 250 feature-length and television films.

Jaecki Schwarz has been part of the Berliner Ensemble for more than two decades, and has appeared on stage for greats like Peter Zadek. He is one of the East German actors who continued to be successful after the fall of the Berlin Wall. ©

 The  Berliner will be 75 years old on February 26th.

Apart from appearances in the crime thriller “A strong team”, Schwarz works very little. When he talks about it on the phone, it doesn’t sound bitter. “That’s just the reality. ©

 The  offers are almost nil. I’m not waiting for a third career in Hollywood. ” He rarely watches crime novels on television. He knows the tricks of the scripts when the DNA has to serve as evidence again.

«Herbert & Herbert» on the hunt for criminals


 The  “police call” cases from Halle were a quota guarantee for many years, 2013 was over. Like many stations, the MDR exchanged the investigators. Inspectors Schmücke & Schneider, whose first names were Herbert, were on the hunt for criminals for 17 years. ©

 The  author Andreas Kurtz dedicated a book to the men, “Herbert & Herbert”. For him, in the crime thriller, they were “not characters who rustle the paper of scripts, but people who grumble, sniff and bitch at each other.”


 The  work welded Winkler and Schwarz together. ©

 The y insisted on shared cloakrooms and read the newspaper together, Winkler the sports section and Schwarz the features section. Winkler died in 2019. His colleague misses driving together today, getting around. “He was tolerable and not eaten away by ambition,” says Schwarz about Winkler. You don’t always have to be first: the two would have had something in common.

Certain fool’s freedom in GDR times

A look back: Jaecki Schwarz was born in Köpenick, after graduating from high school, he first did an apprenticeship as a photochemistry specialist, and became an actor at the Potsdam-Babelsberg film school. In 1967 he had his first leading role in “I was 19”. Konrad Wolf’s autobiographical story is about a young German who returned to his homeland in 1945 as a lieutenant in the Red Army. If you ask Schwarz about works from his career that are particularly worth seeing, he names this film. And also «Die Schlüssel», a Defa drama from 1973, in which he plays the leading role alongside Jutta Hoffmann.

During the GDR era, there was a certain kind of freedom from fools at the Berliner Ensemble, as Schwarz describes it. «We were court fools, I think. We could do a few things. ” ©

 The  Stasi was also active there, but it was not able to get stuck in as much as in the factories. After the reunification, he was very lucky, says Schwarz. «I could join. I didn’t fall into a hole. ” He likes to travel. He was able to see something of the world through guest appearances even in GDR times, but under different circumstances, in the past, money was tighter.

“Corona poop”

Black is open about his former addiction. “Alcoholism is not a weakness, it’s a disease,” he said a few years ago. “An alcoholic has to be helped, that must not be swept under the table.” It has also long been known that black is gay. He lives single. Schwarz is not surprised that it still makes headlines today when a young actor comes out. It still seems to be something special for people. It was sausage. “But that is the stupidity of the people because they are not informed.” He has just shown the flag in a queer manifesto by 185 actors in the magazine of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

How is his health? Normal. His apartment in Berlin-Mitte is on the ninth floor. He has to “blow out” when the elevator doesn’t go. He misses that he cannot travel because of the “Corona shit”. His favorite destination is the Maldives. On his birthday he would like to go to Heringsdorf on the Baltic Sea if possible. How can you please him? When it comes to requests, he is modest: “I have everything I need. I even have more than I need. ” When guests ask Jaecki Schwarz what they can bring with them, he likes to say: good mood or appetite.

Sugar sweet!  His children, Glen and Liv, grew up so big

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