Twitch: Mysterious Dating Show Mystery – Who Is Behind It?


A dating show is due to start on Twitch soon – many streamers have already received strange requests.  The  shit storm was not long in coming.

San Francisco, KalifornienDating-Shows are known to us all and are part of their guilty pleasures for many. It doesn’t matter whether women are fighting for a bachelor’s degree, singles can get to know each other without a shell on a desert island or viewers can follow the blind date. © The  focus is usually on finding great love. A Dating-Show on Twitch wanted a format similar to “©

 The  Bachelor” for Streamer and Streamerinnen copy, but made some big mistakes and catapulted himself out of the way.

Name of the platform Twitch
owner Amazon
founding 6. June 2011
languages 28

Twitch: Most Eligible – Show reaps massive shit storm within a few days

What exactly happened On February 14, 2021, the Streamerin Third Artifact and the streamer Zach Bussey independently on Twitter about the alleged Dating-ShowTwitch‘s Most Eligible“ to discuss. Third Artifact started the discussion because the alleged producers themselves contacted them and asked if they were part of the Show want to be. Bussey would have Twitch‘s Most Eligible already in a previous one Stream briefly discussed, but now the discussion has resumed as he has probably received numerous messages from Streamer: within regarding the Show received. So writes Bussey: „Gives [bei der Show, Anm. d. Red.] are many strange things. ©

 The  concept is what it is … but the fact that it is being shot in the middle of nowhere for cost reasons is weird … and the economics of a 6 hour show doesn’t make sense to me.

Also Third Artifact and many more Streamer: within are bothered by the basic concept of Dating-Show. At first glance it seems Show to be structured according to the principle of the Bachelor’s degree. ©

 The re will be two bigger ones Streamer shown who supposedly part of the Dating-Show are: Bananaslamjammer and Wingsofdeath. However, for the candidates only Streamerinnen wanted that few followers Twitch to have. Women who target their audience Twitch want to enlarge should be lured in the hope that the Dating-Show then will be her breakthrough. So here love is not the focus, as it is usually with Dating-Shows is (or at least should be) the case.

Twitch: Show employees pretend to be other people

But that’s not the only strange thing about the Dating-Show. ©

 The  Show is to be shot according to the producers in a remote villa in the Apalachian Mountains in Kentucky. This is where the first alarm bell rings for most of them Streamerinnen. In addition, the employees and producers of the Show hardly have any virtual presence. ©

 The  LinkedIn account of the alleged producer Matthew Pelletier has only 14 contacts and shows him as the founder of an online marketing company, which can also not be found on the Internet. In addition, could Bussey search backwards to assign the image of Matthew Pelletier to a page by Matt Fox. Streamerinnen reported that they had received emails from the same Matt Fox and not from Matthew Pelletier. In addition, Matt Fox’s email account used a stock photo as a contact picture.

Twitch: Shitstorm versus lustful dating show – streamer “disgusted”

© dpa / Piergiorgio Pirrone / Michael Nelson (Montage)

Streamer: within were also contacted by a lady named Brittany Good, who also used a fake picture as a contact picture, namely that of a well-known Indian actress named Rashmika Mandanna. ©

 The  name Brittany Good is also nowhere to be found on the Internet, as are several other names and pictures of the rest of the team. Why does the team use one Dating-Show wrong names and pictures when it has nothing to hide? ©

 The  team behind Twitch‘s Most Eligible also did not research who it should contact, but apparently just sent masses of emails to all sorts of people Streamer: within cleverly.

Twitch: Dating show gives up and erases everything

So reported some among the Twitter threads of Third Artifact and Zach Busseythat they were contacted even though they didn’t live in the US or were not even single. Minors too Streamer and Streamerinnen were probably written to – an absolute no-go. Bussey asked Twitch‘s Most Eligible ©

 The re are many other important questions on Twitter that went and will remain unanswered. Because now people have behind Twitch‘s Most Eligible deleted everything that could be found about them on the Internet. ©

 The  Twitter account was removed, the website can no longer be found, including Matt Fox’s website, which is too Twitch‘s Most Eligible forwarded, has disappeared. ©

 The  Discord channel and a YouTube channel that Bussey Matt Fox (or Matthew Pelletier) were also deleted.

Twitch’s Most Eligible wanted to orient itself on dating shows like “©

 The  Bachelor”.

© dpa / TVNOW

In the meantime, one of the “Bachelor candidates” has also made a statement. Wingsofdeath said on Twitter that he was the Show would have canceled due to the pandemic. He would have allowed the producers to use photos of him on the website, but not as a candidate and probably also demanded that the candidate profile be deleted immediately. On TwitLonger, Matthew Pelletier commented on the allegations and questions, admitting that numerous serious errors were made and the production of the Dating-Show would be stopped now. Since nothing can be found from the show, Matthew Pelletier and his team have probably withdrawn for the time being. In Zach Bussey’s last stream, however, you can still get the full discussion and some deeper insights.

While the producers are behind Twitch‘s Most Eligible have given up, another leaves Streamer don’t give up and mess with one of the largest social platforms. Because MontanaBlack is fighting for men’s freedom on Instagram. On the other hand, a streamer is fighting against sexism on Twitch and has arguably the best answer to chat harassment in a long time.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Piergiorgio Pirrone / Michael Nelson (Montage)

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Twitch Mysterious Dating Show Mystery


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