Two “celebrities under palm trees” candidates are said to be out of broadcast


“Celebrities under the palm trees” is very popular.  The  first season already had excellent ratings. ©

 The  second season will start soon and cause a sensation even before the broadcast begins. Two of the twelve participants confirmed by Sat.1 should pack their bags after a scandal.

“Celebrities under palm trees”: Two stars have to leave for scandal

To the twelve participants in the new “Celebrities under Palms” relay include Patricia Blanco (50) and former jungle camp participant Elena Miras (28). At the moment, information is leaking out about candidates who had to leave involuntarily during the current season.

Who it is we tell you in the video.

As the “Bild” reports, unacceptable behavior should have been the reason for this. It should have come to a violent argument with a fellow campaigner. A replacement has already been found for the two who were eliminated.

“Celebrities under the palm trees” is broadcast once a week on Sat.1 and in the associated live stream. ©

 The  reps are available on Joyn. An exact start date of the show, which drew the anger of the audience last season, has not yet been set.

Claudia Obert Promis unter Palmen

Bastian Yotta on his return from the jungle camp in 2019

Carina Spack 2019

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