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Two championship titles and one bronze, that is impressive and shows that we are on the right track, ”said LGO President Michael Adel after the German indoor championships in the local Helmut-Körnig-Halle.  The  sporting director, Pierre Ayadi, added: “Under the conditions made difficult by Corona, our athletes continued to train with great commitment and that paid off.”

If spectators had been able to watch the competitions in the Körnig-Halle, in the men’s 3000 meter final the roof would have gone off the rails with the sovereign performance of local hero Mohamed Mohumed (LG Olympia). When the LGOer, who started very defensively as usual and only ran three laps before the finish line to the front, he had enough energy to run away from the competition with an irresistible increase in pace.

Difficult planning for Mohumed

1:56 minutes for the last 800 meters and 28 seconds for the last 200 make it clear how much reserves Mohumed had saved. After 8: 10.05 minutes he crossed the finish line as the new German indoor champion in front of Marcel Fehr (LG Filstal – 8: 10.59) and Wattenscheider Niels Vogt (8: 12.46). “I noticed even before the race that it was getting very warm and stuffy in the hall with the high outside temperatures. So I decided not to attack the norm for the European Indoor Championships and only look for my chance at the end. ”Mohumed contracted a corona infection in December and had to take a twelve-day break from training, and this is still noticeable today. So he did without possible indoor starts and concentrated on the “Germans”.

Towards summer, the LGOer hopes to create the Olympic standards over 1500 and 5000 meters. “©

 The re isn’t much time left until then, and I hope that I can go through my training safe and sound. It is difficult to plan because it is not yet clear whether training camps will be possible. ”His trainer Pierre Ayadi stated:“ It was a typical championship race and Mohamed did everything right. ”Elias Schreml kept up well until halfway through the course, but then he had to pay tribute to the pace and fell behind. 8: 27.15 minutes is not what he can do.

Krause gigantic

Incomprehensible! Gigantic! Sensational! You can choose which adjective suits the performance improvements of long sprinter Henrik Krause best. In January Krause, who so far had a best indoor time of 49.09 seconds, delivered 48.13 seconds in a test in the Körnig hall. Shortly afterwards he followed in Leverkusen with 48.11 seconds and posted a provisional high of 47.84 seconds in Leipzig. In the 400-meter semifinals, he showed his standing qualities. Second, he turned onto the inside lane. On the home stretch he grew wings, on the finish line he caught the German champion Marvin Schlegel and triumphed with 47.19 seconds.

“Schlegel was just as surprised as I was when I passed him,” laughed Krause and said: “Everything that comes next in the final is an encore.” And what an encore! As the new 400 meter champion, Krause caused one of the biggest surprises with a new best time of 47.03 seconds. In the final, he kept in touch with the leaders, and when Schlegel released the inside lane at the beginning of the second lap, the LGOer gladly accepted the invitation, passed inside, and could no longer be displaced by the front. “Now the knot has finally broken for him, and he is putting his training performances into competition.

Henrik Krause surprisingly won the 400 meter title.

Henrik Krause surprisingly won the 400 meter title.
© Kiefner

He did the right thing at the right moment, ”commented Thomas Kremer. “I was toying with bronze, but the title was too far away for me. I have it now and I still can’t believe it, ”said the happy Master.
That was typically Brenda Cataria Byll: “I’m in good shape and in a good mood,” she said before the 400-meter semi-final. As the youngest in the field, she managed to turn onto the inside lane as second, and she could not be pushed out of this place. In the final, she even passed the inside to finish second and only revealed it on the back straight.

But she didn’t want to take the bronze and defended her precious metal tenaciously with 53.69 seconds to the finish line. “Brenda has learned that you have to be aggressive against strong opponents,” commented Thomas Kremer. This earned her the appointment to the German 400-meter relay for the European Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland. And how Byll is, she announced at the end: “I love you all.”

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