Two-year-old hit: man does not provide any help and drives away


In Pegnitz, Upper Franconia, a driver is said to have hit a two-year-old girl on Saturday without taking care of the child.  The  driver stopped shortly after the collision, but then simply continued his journey, the police said.

Child didn’t have to go to the hospital


 The  two-year-old was on her way home from the playground with her cousin. ©

 The  accident happened, according to the information, when the child ran into the street in front of a car parked on the right side of the lane. ©

 The  previously unknown driver had hit the girl with his car from the side. ©

 The n the child fell.

After a short medical treatment, the two-year-old was able to stay at home with her legal guardian and did not have to be taken to a hospital. ©

 The  police are looking for the driver.

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Twoyearold hit man provide drives


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