Unge: YouTuber gives fans secret tips – assets with cryptocurrencies


Unge is not only very successful on YouTube.  The  stramer Simon Wiefels has also made a lot of money with cryptocurrency. Now he gives his fans tips and shows his share portfolio.

  • Young has already landed some good luck in the past (Alle Unge News).
  • Of the YouTuber and Streamer invests in shares, as well as Cryptocurrency.
  • Now unge showed that capital one of his online accounts.

Madeira, PortugalSimon “un” Wiefels showed his lucky hand once more. Not just that YouTuber and Streamer Income earned through his job, of which many can only dream, no, he also knows how to be capital easy to put on and multiply. Be it through Pokémon cards, real estate or Shares, as well as Cryptocurrency. Wanted in his latest video young Show yourself transparently and explain to fans what your investments are all about. For that he showed his Share portfolio in the six-digit range and chatted a little out of the box.

Full name Simon Wiefels
Known as Young
birthday 31. August 1990
place of residence Madeira, Portugal
YouTube subscribers 3.2 million (January 2020)
Instagram subscribers 2.5 million (February 2021)

Unge: Streamer shows 6-digit share portfolio – cryptocurrency cost him a fortune

That makes Unge a multimillionaire through stocks Streamer no secret. But now he showed himself what his capital as far as is concerned, more transparent than ever before. Inspired by YouTube colleagueslike Tomary, who showed how much money you could have with in a month shares can earn (1000 euros start-up capital), also decide young himself, be Share portfolio to share with the public.

Generally you notice that young is deeply involved and very interested in the topic. Nevertheless he advises Streamer At the beginning of the video, his fans are prevented from spending too much money that they don’t have in shares or Cryptocurrency to invest. It would also work Simon “un” Wiefels not, as he says himself, with his own capital to “flex”. Again Streamer already stressed in the past, that would be extremely unpleasant for him. Unge recently confessed a luxury secret to his fans.

Set the main focus young in his new video Cryptocurrency. He wanted to give many fans an insight into the market without promoting the investment. According to his own information, he was himself 2017-2018 and is now fully back in Krypto-Hype. That the whole thing also harbors dangers, he had to Streamer experience firsthand. “I burned my fingers there once, lost around 50,000 euros – you have to say, that can happen to anyone.“

Unge: Streamer shows 6-digit share portfolio – Big profits from Bitcoin

But why did he Streamer not let your bad investment dissuade you from continuing to invest? young explains that in 2015 he “unfortunately” only had 10 Bitcoins Bought. At that time the value for the Bitcoin still at 500 euros, today it takes on completely different dimensions. At its peak on February 14, 2021, the Bitcoin just over 40,000 euros. © www.de24.news The refore use young in his story the word “unfortunately” is targeted. Still regretted young not his investment, as he was 10 at the time Bitcoins already made half a million dollars in profit.

2020 smelled Simon “unge” Wiefels his chance again and “only” bought 5 again Bitcoins, what the Streamer annoyed by the price increase again in retrospect. So in January of this year he bought 2 more Bitcoins and in February again 1 – 2. That means Streamer owns over 18 Bitcoinsall of which he still has in hand. According to the rate on February 15, 2021, that would currently be one capital of around 709,000 euros alone Bitcoins.

Unge: Streamer shows 6-digit share portfolio – cryptocurrency cost him a fortune

© Instagram: unge / dpa / Arne Dedert / Bitcoin (assembly)

Subsequently showed young one of his three online wallets, which he would like to share with his fans for illustration purposes. “Because I just want to show you that there are also possibilities, relatively conservative, without such high risk to invest in crypto – I don’t want to advise you to do it, I just show you the way ”.

Arrived in the online wallet, see Fans that young This account alone has around 424,000 euros to book. If you want to know how you created them and what tips young in the rest of the video his fans are still on their way, you can access the video via this link. Simon “un” Wiefels He also promised every now and then, maybe every few months, to provide updates on the status of his wallet.

List of rubric lists: © Instagram: unge / dpa / Arne Dedert / Bitcoin (assembly)

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