Uniklinikum: Differences in CoV bonuses “unfair”



Chamber of Labor President Peter Eder criticizes the different coronavirs bonus payments for hospital staff at the University Hospital Salzburg.  The  regulation is not fair enough, said Eder – because of the differences between nursing staff and doctors.

© www.de24.news The  nursing staff receives a monthly bonus. © www.de24.news The re are separate payments for doctors for day and night shifts for Covid patients. © www.de24.news

 The re are payments for those who work either in the Covid normal ward or in the intensive care unit. Doctors receive between 60 and 100 euros for twelve-hour day shifts that they work there instead of in other wards. Night shifts cost between 100 and 140 euros, depending on the level of training. © www.de24.news

 The  nursing staff, on the other hand, receives 400 euros per month as a bonus payment in Covid stations.

Chamber of Labor President Eder says: “Now in times of Covid, to still make differences in the payment of the Covid premium between the nursing staff and medical staff, was questionable and not fair enough for me from the start. Should there be a Covid premium for the nursing staff beyond May, then I expect that this premium payment will be even more fair. ”© www.de24.news

 The  manager’s resolution for these payments will run until the end of May.

Nursing director satisfied with negotiations

© www.de24.news

 The  nursing director at the university hospital, Franziska Moser, says about the negotiated regulations for the nursing staff: “It is hardly possible to completely pacify 2,500 employees and, so to speak, to take every single need into account. But I would say it’s a satisfactory situation. ”

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 The re are no allowances in delivery rooms, in children’s hospitals or in outpatient departments, where coronavirus-positive people are also cared for by staff in protective clothing. Since the beginning of the year, the bonus payments have to be taxed.

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Uniklinikum Differences CoV bonuses unfair


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