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Choose a promotional model from more than 140 home appliances and get your money back¹

With Samsung home appliances, customers will stay at home “ The  Unbeatable” in 2021 as well: It doesn’t matter whether it is about washing clothes, professional refrigeration of food or baking and cooking – Samsung home appliances are reliable helpers for everyday challenges. From February 22nd to March 21st, everyday heroes and everyone who wants to become one will benefit from purchasing a promotional model as part of the Samsung SuperDeals1 of attractive cashback rewards. Buyers who choose one of the more than 140 promotional models from Samsung during the promotional period can get up to 250 euros of the purchase price back.

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 The  Samsung SuperDeals are back and this time they offer attractive cashback premiums for more than 140 special offer models from the refrigeration, washing and installation categories. Anyone looking for reliable help for everyday challenges can benefit financially from February 22nd to March 21st: Depending on the promotional device, customers can get up to 250 euros of the purchase price back. When purchasing via the Samsung online shop, the cashback is deducted directly from the purchase price. If the customer buys his promotional device from a participating dealer, he first pays the usual price and can subsequently register the device no later than May 21, 2021 (cut-off period) at samsung.de/superdeals. If this is successfully done, the buyer receives the cashback credit, usually transferred to his account within 60 working days. It is important here that the device is marked with a country-specific model code that entitles it to participate in the campaign. © www.de24.news

 The  corresponding products including model codes can be found in the conditions of participation at samsung.de/superdeals.

Save on washing with special offers

All of the washing machine, dryer and washer dryer promotion models are part of the product range presented last autumn that works with practical functions. Personalized program suggestions, automated cleaning processes and easily understandable error messages can help ensure that the washing and drying process is simple, fast and convenient.

Customers who sign up for the flagship model WW9800T, for example, within the above promotion period from February to March2 In addition to the intelligent user guidance provided by the Smart Control operating panel, you also benefit from resource-saving functions such as the patented QuickDriveTM-Technologie. QuickDriveTM shortens the washing time by up to 50 percent.3 In addition, SchaumAktiv cleans powerfully at low temperatures and can reduce energy consumption by up to 25 percent.4 A cashback bonus of 150 euros rounds off the high-performance package.

Up to 250 euros cashback on selected fridge-freezer combinations

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 The  best deal in the fridge and freezer area is made by customers with the T9900 family hub5 and the RS8000 side-by-side refrigerator6 from. For example, she can expect a cashback bonus of up to 250 euros for the Family Hub T9900 promotional device. Thanks to the ingenious Space Max technology, the popular fridge-freezer combinations save space. © www.de24.news

 The  thin device walls ensure a larger capacity than Samsung’s predecessor models while maintaining the same device depth.

So the customer hardly has to worry about the existing cold room when making their next big purchase. So that he no longer has to worry about the appropriate cooling of the individual food, there is the practical Optimal Fresh + drawer in the interior of the fridge-freezer combinations. This can be divided into one large or two separate areas with different temperatures as required, so that meat or fish products as well as fruit or vegetables can be stored in suitable proportions.

Reliable and practical helpers in the kitchen

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 The  extensive campaign portfolio is rounded off by numerous models from the field of installation. © www.de24.news

 The  Dual Cook Flex stands out especially for amateur cooks and bakersTM oven7 which promises a cashback bonus of up to 100 euros. With its two cooking chambers, which can also be converted into one large cooking chamber if necessary, the Dual Cook Flex offersTM an inspiring form of flexibility in the preparation of dishes. With the practical oven, dishes with different cooking points can be prepared in parallel without any transmission of smells or tastes.

Even after the meal, a number of practical helpers from Samsung are available, such as dishwashers, which are very attractive in combination with the SuperDeals of up to 75 euros cashback bonus. Models like the DW7500RM8 offer a variety of practical programs and options that work particularly quickly and quietly.

1 Only for private end customers over the age of 18 when purchasing a new Samsung promotional device intended for the German market with a certain country-specific model code from a participating dealer in Germany or in the Samsung online shop between February 22nd. and March 21, 2021 (the invoice date of the purchase receipt or, in the case of goods that are not in stock, or the order date confirmed by the dealer in the form of a system-generated receipt, if purchased online). Customers are responsible for ensuring that the device they have purchased has a model code that entitles them to participate in the promotion. © www.de24.news

 The  participating retailer can provide information about the model code of the promotional device and whether it is intended for the German market (for details, amount of the respective cashback and model codes of the promotional devices, see full conditions of participation). © www.de24.news

 The  model-dependent repayment (“cashback”) is either deducted directly from the purchase price (when purchasing in the Samsung online shop) or must be requested by registering the promotional device no later than May 21, 2021 (cut-off period) at samsung.de/superdeals. © www.de24.news

 The  name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, bank account details, serial number and model code of the promotional device plus uploading of the receipt (if the promotional device is purchased from brick-and-mortar stores) or the order confirmation and invoice (if the promotional device is purchased) must be specified in online trading). © www.de24.news

 The  transfer of the cashback is usually made within 60 working days after valid registration. Subsequent submission of the information required for registration is not possible. Customers who register incomplete information and / or send in incomplete receipts will be notified by email and asked to provide the missing information or to provide the complete receipts within seven days. If a customer does not comply with this request within seven days or sends incomplete receipts again, the cashback will be definitively refused. If the purchase is finally canceled within six months, the cashback must be repaid. In the case of immediate deduction, only the purchase price reduced by the cashback will be refunded when the purchase is reversed. Each household can only take part in the promotion for private use and with a maximum of one promotional device per product category. Samsung reserves the right to change and / or terminate the promotion early, especially if the budget is exhausted. © www.de24.news

 The  promotion cannot be combined with other promotions, vouchers, grants, bonuses or discount promotions from Samsung. Complete conditions of participation at samsung.de/superdeals

2 Energy efficiency class on a scale from A (highest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency): A.

3 Based on tests (August 2020) conducted by Intertek ETL SEMKO Korea Ltd. (Report number 170700130SEL-001[R2]) according to the standard procedure for measuring the performance characteristics of household appliances according to IEC 60456, compared to WW6500K. Compared to the WW6500K, the Samsung WW8000T only needs 50% (+/- 3%) of the time in the Cotton 40 ° C program with half load; the washing performance is approximately the same in each case (+/- 5%).

4 Samsung models with foam active compared to Samsung models without foam active. All Samsung QuickDrive ™ models have foam active.

5 Energy efficiency class on a scale from A (highest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency): F.

6 Energy efficiency class on a scale from A +++ (highest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency): A +++ to E.

7 Energy efficiency class on a scale from A +++ (highest efficiency) to D (lowest efficiency): A + / A.

8 Energy efficiency class on a scale from A (highest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency): D.

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