US aviation authority checks Boeing 777 engines


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Following an airborne incident in which massive parts of a United Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft crashed into residential areas after an engine failure in the U.S. state of Colorado, the FAA ordered the airworthiness of all Boeing 777s with Pratt & Whitney Engines announced. This will “likely mean that some aircraft will be taken out of service,” said the head of the agency, Steve Dickson, on Sunday.

A first check of the engine failure on Saturday shows “that the inspection intervals for the hollow fan blades should be increased, which are unique to this engine model and are only installed on the 777.” ©

 The  US airline United Airlines announced that its 24 affected machines will be voluntary taken out of operation until the investigation is completed.

United is the only airline that has jets with the PW4000 engine in its fleet. ©

 The  Boeing 777-200 with 231 passengers and ten crew members was on its way to Honolulu when an engine went up in flames. Nobody was hurt.

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aviation authority checks Boeing engines


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